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Anatomically Correct Sasquatch Costume

it has a weiner
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Mostly like other sasquatch costumes, except this one has gigantic ape-like genitals.

Great for adult Halloween parties, or shennanigans at your local National Park (because you won't fool anyone without realistic squatchballs).

napoleonbag, Jun 30 2008

Penis Evolution: Intersexual and Intrasexual Selection http://www.associat...nd_intrasexual.html
"The average chimpanzee penis is about half of the size of human penises, or about three inches. The gorilla’s penis is the smallest, at only an inch long." [phoenix, Jun 30 2008]

The Bigfoot Forums http://www.bigfootf...threaded&pid=362578
"For Sasquatch, despite the story in this thread, genitalia are so small that it is usually, presumably, hidden mostly under the body hair." [phoenix, Jun 30 2008]

It is actually female http://www.bigfoote...es/mk_davis_pgf.gif
as the stabilised Patterson-Gimlin film shows [simonj, Jul 07 2008]

Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir http://boingboing.n...te-book-it-big.html
I have this book; it is brilliant. It will tell you everything you need to know, and a few things you'll wish you hadn't heard. A must-have for any Bigfoot impersonator. [Grogster, Oct 09 2010]


       What... too simple?
napoleonbag, Jun 30 2008

       Realistically, squatchballs (however interesting the term) are likely to be small and hidden away. Isolated apes with few competitors don't need large testicles (chimps, on the other hand, have big ones), and animals that live in cold climates don't need them out in the breeze. Ask your elf this--have you ever seen a bear's equipment?
baconbrain, Jun 30 2008

       I used to have one of these. It had really long fur, and the whole thing was too hot and sweaty to wear at parties. It did, however, turn out to be really good in cold weather, and I used to wear it when I was out hiking around Bluff Creek. I gave it up, though, when I realized that it looked a bit ridiculous, especially when I noticed that some twit with a home movie camera was filming me one day.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 01 2008

       Could it not be a lady sasquatch?
theleopard, Jul 01 2008

       Given the lack of clear and irrefutable pictures of said beastie I would have thought that any "Anatomically Correct" costume would be a guess at best.
gnomethang, Jul 01 2008

       Maybe instead an Erotic Shavable Anatomically Correct Sasquatch Costume for an even more select type of party (shaving fetish furries), where visible non-man wang dangle is the order of the day.
calum, Jul 01 2008

       I'll let you know.
I might even post some pictures but the Sasquatch porn tape, or as I call it Squorn, well, that's gonna cost you.

       If people can dress up as a penis for Halloween, then anything goes.
kevinthenerd, Jul 02 2008

       Bun for animal porn
Bad Jim, Jul 02 2008

       Animal buns... hehe.   

       so, what like 10 with wind in the sails?
daseva, Jul 03 2008

       Just cut a hole in a regular sasquatch costume!
Voice, Jul 05 2008

       Bone for encouraging furries
mylodon, Jul 06 2008

       Would you have different designs for casual and formal occasions?
doctorremulac3, Oct 05 2010

       //different designs for casual and formal occasions//   

       Erect or flaccid...I mean flaccid or erect...I mean flaccid AND erect.
Boomershine, Oct 05 2010

Grogster, Oct 09 2010


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