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harness roped to sled, on G sensor fall data, sled fires ice spike.
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This is a harness place on when traversing Ice fields with high crevasse risk.

Attached to the harness is a small ovoid. This ovoid is cabled to harness via a compact de-accelerating arrest system.The ovoid is let out behind the adventurer and sleds along behind, by the 3m, hydrophobic,non tangle cable.

Sewn into the harness is an accelerometer. On falling, a signal is sent to ovoid. It' explodes forcing spikes into the ice, The cable tension comes on and the arrestor mechanism slows the sudden jolt.

In another pocket there is a cable climber and once back on the level, a third contains new charges and an arrestor winding key.

crack,ArrgBANGgh, Whee .......... Phew!!,rustle.... click,... rustle,rizzz,click,..... rustle, rizzz,click ....

wjt, Jan 05 2021


       Wile E. Coyote has placed the first order.
pertinax, Jan 05 2021

       This works for mountain climbers too. Instead of wedging little things in rock crevices, and doing things with carabiners and ropes to rescue people from their fall if they become detached from the rock face they are climbing drones, perhaps with software/AI that finds the very best rock crevices fly at the cliff face in a holding pattern, but unconnected to the rock crevices. If the person detaches from the cliff face the drones instantly anchor the really low mass filament rescue lines in the super-high-quality crevices the AI has already located. The person's fall is interrupted in less than 1-3 seconds.   

       The advantages of having drones with filament flying above you, poised to instantly embed rescue anchors in crevices is that You Get To Carry Less Stuff! I perceive that from what fishing line says about itself a drone could save my life with say 3-7 fishing line width filaments supporting me. That's much more lightweight.
beanangel, Jan 05 2021

       // It' explodes forcing spikes into the ice //   

       This device is extremely dangerous, and the slightest misuse or mishandling would result in serious injury or death.   


       // non tangle cable.//   

       ... made of Unobtanium, presumably ...
8th of 7, Jan 05 2021


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