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Anemometer Mobile Phone Charger

Swing above/around your head
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Here's an idea.

Combine an anemometer (wind speed measuring device), use it as a dynamo.

Attatch this to a wire with plenty of strength, which plugs into the phone.

You swing the device around in the air and it charges your phone.

You could gear the dynamo up/down depending on application, and add a voltage regulator.

Just think this would be more efficient than those slow hand-crank mechanisms.

GarJE, Jun 03 2008

Mobile Phone Charger in an Anemometer Styleé http://news.bbc.co....7432000/7432758.stm
About half-way down the article is a picture of said device. [Jinbish, Jun 04 2008]

Wind Powered Mobile Phone Charger http://www.therawfe...red-cell-phone.html
Went on sale last year (I think). [Jinbish, Jun 04 2008]

Bullroarers http://9waysmystery...soundtools/id9.html
[Klaatu, Jun 04 2008]


       Bun for the image, but I don't think it's going to be more efficient. Either way, it's arm power, but your way adds air drag and turbulence losses. Though if you get the prop pitch right, you'd eliminate gearing.   

       Welcome to the Halfbakery, [GarJE].
baconbrain, Jun 03 2008

       Love the image of someone in NYC crowd flailing their cell over their head like a mace. (+) My old Samsung i760 could be used for self defence even without the rope.
MisterQED, Jun 03 2008

       Hello [GarJE], come in and find yourself a nice comfy seat.   

       I'm not sure about swinging them round your head, but wind powered mini-turbines have been available for a wee while. (Maybe not widely known to exist though)
Jinbish, Jun 04 2008

       There are comfy chairs? Mine is a barstool with a squeak, though it is easier to keep people from sneaking up behind me.
MisterQED, Jun 04 2008

       Maybe you could get a group together and have a bullroarer concert <link> [+]
Klaatu, Jun 04 2008


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