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Angled movie theater ceiling

Remember Omnimax?
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If you've had the tremendous pleasure of watching an Omnimax production, then you know what I'm talking about. The concept is slightly different though. Instead of a spherical screen, just put the flat screen we are all used to at a 45 degree angle respective to the floor, hoisted above the center of the seats. Lean waaaay back in your chair and relax: no one can get in front of you. Stadium seating wouldn't be necessary with this setup which could save a lot of money during construction. You might even be able to convert the old flat-style seating to this setup, increasing attendance. Projector just goes behind the screen.
ophello, Sep 27 2005


       [+]nice. But leaning people back would require wider spacing between rows. That lower density with expensive real-estate costs may likely offset any savings from not having to have stadium seating installed.   

       Also, it may +/- lead to more fear from people that the sceen will fall on them.
sophocles, Oct 04 2005

       May lead to increased choking on popcorn also.
Adze, Oct 04 2005

       all youd need is a suitable headrest, maybe not recliners. if people are afraid of the screen falling on them...wow...thats sad... are people afraid of the omnimax theater screen caving in? i think not.
ophello, Nov 30 2005


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