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Animal Clothing for Humans

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I desperately want a cape style raincoat with a pull over breast cover and a hole at the cape bottom for my tail just like my dog has.

I want a whole closet full of clothing that looks like and is human sized dog clothes.

I want mittens that assume my hands are paws.

I want four legged pants too short made from shinny vinyl or Scottish plaid patterned material with special extra padding for a full body harness.

Animal Clothing for Humans


vfrackis, Dec 05 2014

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       I suspect you have just come out of a bar
not_morrison_rm, Dec 05 2014

       Perhaps a straight jacket for dogs is just the thing you need.
zeno, Dec 05 2014

       Hey, don't say that, reminds me of Laika's "space suit".
not_morrison_rm, Dec 05 2014

       Ummm ... sounds like 'Furries' ... very doubtful ...
8th of 7, Dec 05 2014

       I think it's cute, but don't count me in on wearing any. +
xandram, Dec 05 2014

       <heads up>   

       Google, even in "safe" mode, will provide you with far more information than you want on a number of highly disturbing human behaviours, if you enter seemingly innocuous search terms related to this topic.   

       <listens for muttering and scrabbling as sick, perverted twisted halfbakers grab for their keyboards>   

       </heads up>
8th of 7, Dec 05 2014

       Damn, found nothing perverted
zeno, Dec 05 2014

       Try anything related to "ponies". EEeeewwww, weird ...
8th of 7, Dec 05 2014

       Hey, pony girls can be hot. I know, I know, you don't like horses, etc, but I've seen your Borg porn collection, so don't get up on that high...horse.   

       Oh, and a couple of (marked-for-tagline) here...   

       " I suspect you have just come out of a bar "   


       " enter seemingly innocuous search terms related to this topic "
normzone, Dec 06 2014

       It's not the most flattering look, and the hooves always look a bit naff..what not just shag ponies and get it over and done with?
not_morrison_rm, Dec 06 2014

       Furries would love these.. ;-)
Steamboat, Dec 12 2014


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