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Animated Backdrop, Camouflaged Icons

Purely esthetic
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I'm not sure quite how to describe this idea, my knowledge of computers being soley for operational purposes, but basically, it's a screensaver for a background. pick any number of animated scenes that run on a loop. then, in places where the screen is static (not animated, i.e. underwater there would be fish swimming by and stuff, but rocks and such would not much), put the folders, and the icons could be automatically changed to blend in with the background seamlessly, or just made transparent. the worrds beneath would remain.
schematics, Apr 09 2005


       So... you'd basically have to remember where you left all your icons because you wouldn't be able to see them?   

       Why not get rid of the icons completely and just have a list of application names? Oh no, wait, that's the Start menu.   

       Purely aesthetic is right; all traces of function removed!
moomintroll, Apr 09 2005

       If I remember correctly, in Windows you can select a GIF animation as your backdrop, and the animation will loop continuously right on the desktop.
whippinggas, Apr 09 2005

       You could create a GIF animation of your icons moving around on your desktop, and set that as your wallpaper.   

       Or not.
waugsqueke, Apr 10 2005


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