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Annoying Noise-Guided Missiles

Small guided rockets warn noisy hooligans
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I'm sure we've all had this problem: you're trying to sleep at a normal hour when most people would be sleeping, but someone or something is outside your window making an enourmous racket, be it a neighbour with his leaf blower, local kids with a skateboard, or even a beautiful songbird that isn't looking quite so beautiful right now. You may not be able to close your window for some reason, or it might not do any good.

Enter the amazing Noise-Cancelling Missiles. These are small rockets, similar to fireworks in that they produce a lot of noise and light but very little damage to their surroundings. Send a few of these at the offending noise via the included launching stand / audio triangulator, and whatever made the noise will be too confused, scared, or shell-shocked to make much more noise.

discontinuuity, Oct 31 2005


       Let me specify -- the missiles are guided by annoying noises. They are probably annoying in their own right, but that's not what I meant by the title.
discontinuuity, Oct 31 2005

       It would be difficult to scare the green Volvo across the road with the dodgy alarm. A Stinger missile would be of more use to me.
wagster, Oct 31 2005

       Yes, of course that is everyone's fantasy. But I was trying to find a solution that wouldn't kill anyone or damage property.
discontinuuity, Oct 31 2005

       WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR, Steel Magnolias.
Madai, Oct 31 2005

       I've never seen the movie. If you simply mean missiles guided by sound, that is baked as far as underwater torpedoes. But this is merely meant to intimidate or scare your enemies, not blow them up. You might need that EMP rocket sled idea to dispatch the Volvo's car alarm.
discontinuuity, Oct 31 2005

       An EMP anti-"excessive car horn use late at night" weapon !! Now I have something to think about how to build late at night when the horns start honking.   

       I've always just wondered how I could target & eliminate the car w/ high explosives.
Zimmy, Nov 02 2005


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