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Ant de graaf generator

Feed ants and extract electrostatic energy
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A colony of ants is housed inside a metal sphere, supported by insulated rods which also serve as paths for the ants to travel to and from their nest. The base of this contraption houses some food for the ants and a device which charges the little critters.

As they carry food to the nest, they carry charge, too, and so the metal sphere eventually reaches many millions of volts.

Since there is no charge within the sphere, those leaving on forays do not carry charge with them.

This generator has the advantage that the ants will forage for their own food, consuming the insects, birds etc which get struck down due to contact with the high voltage.

neelandan, Sep 24 2008

Inspiration Ant_20Power_20Transmission
If they can carry charge, they can make it, too, shirley? [neelandan, Sep 24 2008]

Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia...de_Graaff_generator
This one resembles more closely the pelletron, but that name is not so widely known. [neelandan, Sep 24 2008]


       It's ok, but too similar to Wagster's prior effort for me.
xenzag, Sep 24 2008


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