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A novelty item for those of us who like to confuse our friends
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The Anti-Clock would be a simple wall clock, but with the numbers reversed. This is to say that the numbers would grow larger in an anti-clockwise direction instead of a clockwise direction.

This would be a great novelty item at parties- at least for those of us like myself who love eclectic decorations. I can just imagine guests staring at the clock and thinking "There's something wrong with that thing, but I can't tell just *what* it is".

WARNING- Not for use by the habitually inattentive, ignorant, or absent-minded.

BigThor, Aug 31 2000

(?) Backward Clock http://www.mcphee.c...ts/top12/10570.html
Baked. $12.95 from Archie McPhee. [bookworm, Aug 31 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Gizmo and Widget Good Gifts http://www.gizmoand...t_Good_Gifts_1.html
A slightly more elegant backward-running clock for £10.99. [bookworm, Aug 31 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Mirror image clock http://www.jutenhoo...tore/product78.html
Mirror image clock [mwburden, Aug 31 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Antique Lock http://www.antique-locks.com/
Oh well - never mind.. [energy guy, Jan 05 2005]


       I have seen these clocks in barber shops...where you are mostly looking in the mirror..you can easily see a clock hanging on the wall behind you.
blahginger, Aug 31 2000

       Thanks for the links, bookworm. I like the Gizmo and Widget one better, and I just placed an order for one.
BigThor, Sep 01 2000

       Just to let Bigthor know, she sells sanctuary was done by The Cult, didn't know how to mail you direct....
astus, Apr 04 2001

       They have one of these in the pub I drink in. When inebriated, its damn near impossible to work out how long you have to get drunker in.
Little_Crow, Apr 04 2001

       PeterSealy: No mirrors in the pub, none in the toilet either. Presumably they've all been stolen by people trying to work out what the time is
Little_Crow, Apr 04 2001

       Good sounds. Up people f**k let's.
1percent, Apr 04 2001

       I have a better idea: combine this (baked) backwards/mirror image clock with another (baked) novelty clock I once saw: it had the numbers in random positions.   

       Now it gets REALLY hard to tell the time, numbers in random positions with hands moving the wrong direction!
A_J_Franzman, Feb 22 2002

       The true anti-clock would, of course, just face the wall.
dietzgen, Aug 11 2002

       why not "counter-clock"?
redundantly_redundant, Nov 19 2002

       The author is from Great Britain or Australia, perhaps? They say "anticlockwise" when Americans would say "counterclockwise".
krelnik, Nov 19 2002

       Wouldn't an anti-clock do the opposite of what a regular clock does? Thus instead of dividing a day into seconds minutes and hours it would multiply seconds, minutes, and hours, by days.
Bamboo, Apr 13 2004

       [krelnik] - at least they don't say "widdershins."
Detly, Apr 13 2004

       Dude, this is totally baked, my social studies teacher in high school had a clock with the numbers reversed and a picture of bullwinkle in the center saying "I'm so confused" or something.
danharold, Jul 19 2004

       My Girlfriend has one of these on her wall, and it has caused me to unlearn how to tell the time on a conventional clock.
MikeOliver, Jul 19 2004

       Baked. Actually, I am staring at one right now. It's sort of like reading manga for the first time-weird at first, but you get used to it.   

       Wow, I just annotated a [BigThor] idea! Hope you return. You are truly the Halfbakery's King Arthur!
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 24 2007


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