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Anti-Discontent Glasses

The end of greener looking grass.
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In his 1983 article, "'The Grass is always Greener': An Ecological Analysis of an Old Aphorism" James Pomerantz proves that optical and perceptual laws alone will make the grass at a distance look greener to the human eye than the blades of grass perpendicular to the ground.

The new anti-discontent glasses have onboard computer vision and electrosensitive light filters. The computer vision system senses the typical green colour gradient of grass as you gaze at cows, or maybe sheep, or whatever in a field. It then blocks out just the right amount of green light at each point of the lenses to make the grass all seem one uniform shade of green.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? I think not.

MrKangaroo, Oct 17 2003


       Unfortunately this would not work--the general optimism that this would engender would cause the wearer to see everything through rose-tinted glasses, which would cancel the effect.
darksasami, Oct 17 2003

       I don't think rose tinted glasses are in fashion at the moment...
MrKangaroo, Oct 17 2003


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