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Anti-Fouling anti-Corrosive

Use intentional electrolysis to prevent bottom fouling
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Ships and many boats kept in salt water are plagued by two entropic forces: salt water electrically corrodes dissimilar metals (such as underwater inlets, propellors, etc.) and marine flora and fauna take up residence on hulls and metal parts, creating drag and looking funky.

The common solution to electrolysis seems to be "sacrificial anodes," usually zinc in salt water, sometimes aluminum or other reactive metals.

Similarly, exfoliating or reactive paints, "copper bottom paint" and the like are used to kill off marine growth.

I haven't heard of the solutions combined, or in fact one solution that works for both. But it should be possible to introduce the appropriate anti-current to offset any corrosive currents created by electrolysis, using this same current to generate soluble (and safe) chemicals (bubbles?)which deter marine life from taking up residence on boat bottoms.

So I propose an electrical system for avoiding electrolysis and eliminating the need for poisonous copper bottom paint.

I'm clearly out of my field - any completent electrochemists out there?

I'll post some relevant links later tonight - my car pool awaits!

csea, Oct 04 2005

Cathodic protection http://www.corrosio...CP/Introduction.htm
Here's one [Adze, Oct 04 2005]

H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide anti-fouling http://lists.samura...8-April/001369.html
Anti-fouling with benign substance [csea, Oct 04 2005]

General H2O2 Info http://www.h2o2.com/
Concentrated H2O2 is extremely dangerous, but aqueous solutions are common and relatively benign. [csea, Oct 04 2005]

"Green 21" http://mrc999.ebigchina.com/
"anti-corrosion, anti-fouling" [angel, Oct 04 2005]


       There are quite a few electonic anti-fouling systems out there for boat hulls. A german site has examples of electrodes along the water line (just below) and the keel thus anticipating a small current around the hull to prevent fouling. I do not know if it works or how much current is needed to generate a path through the salt water.
Taitelbaum, May 24 2006


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