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Anti-Poacher Vest

Ballistic Vests for Endangered Species
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Poaching of endangered species continues to be a problem. Let's dress the animals in Level IV bulletproof vests. They make them for police dogs, why not hippos?
VIC 20, Mar 30 2007


       Welcome to the 'bakery [VIC20] I was a C64 kind of guy myself...good times.
zen_tom, Mar 30 2007

       - and who will fit these vest ? "First catch your tiger..."
xenzag, Mar 30 2007

       Do they need fitting? Just put up a few changing rooms in the jungle, let the animals try on a few from off the rack, and take whichever one fits best.
zen_tom, Mar 30 2007

       Well, I suppose Greenpeace or Earth First could muster some volunteers to dress the animals... it would be fun to watch!
VIC 20, Mar 30 2007

       Who was Vic 20 on the C64?
theleopard, Mar 30 2007

       The VIC20 was a forerunner to the C64 - and a fine machine too, sporting a full 5K of RAM, a dizzying array of colours, and the MOS built 6502 processor (the same one used in the later C64)
zen_tom, Mar 30 2007

       //6502 processor// also used in the BBC Micro (which I had).
hippo, Mar 30 2007

       It's now endangered. We should put bulletproof vests on the remaining examples so they don't get shot.   

       //I was a C64 kind of guy myself// - That's just [zen_tom] trying to appear 'modern'. The fact is he's still coding C64 games.   

       Welcome, [VIC 20].
wagster, Mar 30 2007

methinksnot, Apr 04 2007

       I still think the answer is arming the animals so they can fire back.
DrCurry, Apr 04 2007

       Sounds like Duke Nukem.
theleopard, Apr 04 2007


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