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Anti-corrosive expanding foam

A cavity filling foam with anti corrosion built in...
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For filling box sections on older cars to help combat corrosion - has the advantage that will expand to prevent further moisture coming in but will also reach places where a brush can't
spandit, Aug 21 2006


       Expanding foams are readily available, and in that they exclude moisture, they are anti-corrosive.
ldischler, Aug 21 2006

       Urethane foam could also trap moisture, but it should reduce condensation.
jmvw, Aug 22 2006

       If it were a chemical anti-rusting agent, it would prove very helpful. It shouldn't be too hard to produce, either. Brush on/spray on agents are widely available, as is expanding foam. Just mix the two.
Hunter79764, Aug 22 2006

       simply change one word and you get my vote.... "cars" becomes "teeth".
xenzag, Aug 22 2006

       Teeth, ha! They could pack old grandad in expanding PU just before they lowered him in the ground.
ldischler, Aug 22 2006

       Corrosive guy, granddad.
jmvw, Aug 22 2006

       It's not what [xenzag] suggested, but for some reason, on reading his anno, I got "anti-corrosive expanding teeth". Weird.
david_scothern, Aug 22 2006


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