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Anti-snore silence-bomb

A device which silences the snores of a snorer
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Call it "The silent snorer" it sends soundwaves that "oppose" the sound and create silence, (see the Lauralee link...) so that you don't hear the snores.

I could see military uses, as well as many families saved.

I actually worked on a noise canceling project at IBM Haifa Research Lab.

pashute, Jul 01 2002

HalfBakery search for 'noise cancel' http://www.halfbake...ession=noise+cancel
[phoenix, Jul 02 2002]

HalfBakery search for 'noise cancelling' http://www.halfbake...on=noise+cancelling
[phoenix, Jul 02 2002]

Lauralee - explaining noise canceling sound waves www.lauralee.com/news/zapnoise.htm
Laura Lee News - "Silence Machine" Zaps Unwanted Noise [pashute, Oct 01 2002]


       In what sense is this a bomb? You could drop it on the person's head, and then you wouldn't need fancy electronics. Or is it covered in meringue?
pottedstu, Jul 02 2002

       It's in the NOISE CANCELING category, and I didn't find anyone who talked about snoring.   

       It's not really a "bomb" but could be used as a "weapon". "Silence bomb" is a known term for this technology. It works by sending waves very close to the original ones, but at a different phase, opposing the original ones, and canceling the sound effect.   

       If you want to understand the phenomenon, imagine you make waves in your bathtub and have a way to "check" these in your bathtub and make "anti-waves" so that when ever the wave water should be going up there's a "down" part of the new wave canceling it. The result is an almost completely calm bathtub.   

       A better explanation is at the Lauralee link.   

       Actally I'm surprised this idea received fishbones, and am going to try and make it work and sell it.
pashute, Oct 01 2002


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