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Anti-tailgating Bumper Sticker

Keep raging drivers off your ass after dark!
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The Anti-Tailgating Bumper Sticker is a mirrored bumper sticker that will redirect the headlights of any driver within 2 seconds of your car DIRECTLY into that driver's eyes. As tailgaters get closer the intensity of the reflected light increases, making the driver pass you or drop back like the little bitch that you know he/she is. As for daytime tailgaters, extension of the middle finger is a reliable form of combat.
tomdamage, Sep 06 2002

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       The lights! So bright....
Mr Burns, Sep 06 2002

       What about a bumper sticker that reads:   




       Alternatively equip your vehicle with a meaty looking towbar and nobody comes close, as it speaks = hit me and you won't exist!   

       Another idea an anti-tank looking type missile launcher, with the sign reading 'only works close range'!
Findus, Feb 24 2007

       I have a mate with a big old full size pick up.   

       His way of combatting tailgaters was just to weld a 6' section of 6x6 angle iron onto the back of the chassis and slam the brakes on when he was being gated.   

       He has so far got two vans and a scooby impreza.   

       Law says they should have been watching and he claims a deer jumped out of the hedge.
Bigwill, Oct 10 2007


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