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Anti gravity exerciser

Hanging harness
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instead of computer chair a piece of furniture that has you extended in a harness allowing you to move around in all dimensions. See link, but this one much smaller, for a room, and foldable.
pashute, Jun 22 2016

https://www.youtube...watch?v=aLEcDQ2zrY0 [pashute, Jun 22 2016]


       My barber told me that if someone invented a chair for a male barbershop, where the barber could easily bring himself to position around the client, they would make a lot of money because standing all day kills their feet, and barbers usually have enough money to spend for their business.   

       So the hanging harness would work for this too.
pashute, Jun 22 2016

       sp exerciser
xenzag, Jun 23 2016

       Corrected. Thanks Xen!
pashute, Jun 23 2016

       Physical therapists unite!   

       Put your patients in harness and they won't get away as easily.
popbottle, Jun 24 2016

       I have long wanted something like a harness on a big positionable arm, to make working on computer cables under the desk easier. It could also be good for working on engines, like a more versatile mechanic's creeper. I suppose I could sell it to male barbers too. (Why are female barbers' feet more endurant?)
notexactly, Jul 18 2016


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