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Appliance Acoustic Sessions

live and unplugged
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Not all the appliances in my kitchen are always plugged in. Not all of them are even out of their cupboards. It sometimes happens that I see one on a worktop, yawn, switch it on, turn to another task... and nothing happens. This can result in unacceptable delays to the delivery of Mrs [pertinax]'s early morning tea.

So, this idea is for kitchen appliances with a built-in clockwork musical box. When the appliance *is* properly connected to the mains, the musical box draws power to wind itself up. When the appliance is switched "on" while *not* connected to the mains, there is no electrical effect, but there is a mechanical effect, namely, to start the musical box. The musical box will then play something brief and to the point, which will remind the dopey user that the thing is not plugged in.

pertinax, Jun 17 2007


       What if you're attempting to turn on your unplugged kitchen radio? You'll turn it on, expecting to hear some groovy tunes from MusicalBox FM, only to hear a musical box.
hippo, Jun 18 2007

       You got me there, [hippo]. Perhaps, though, "MusicalBox FM" wouldn't include a tinny voice insulting you by name... which might clue you in, even very early in the morning.
pertinax, Jun 18 2007

       You could have just had it storing enough charge to replay a recording saying "Plug me in!". But you didn't.   

wagster, Jun 18 2007

       Want me to build you a few? I have all the parts scattered on my workbench. You would have to install them into your devices.   

       Cool idea [+]
evilpenguin, Jun 18 2007

       [pertinax] raises an interesting point, I think; appropriate feedback is very important. Actually, toasters usually don't allow you to depress and latch the 'insert-and-toast' button unless the power is on, so why should other devices simply sit and smile knowingly at you when the power is not on? Some fiendish mind is at work, here, I promise you.
Ling, Jun 19 2007

       I'm really flattered by the offer, [evilpenguin521]; I'm not sure Mrs [pertinax] would trust the appliances after I'd made the necessary warranty-voiding modifications, though.
pertinax, Jun 19 2007

       //I have all the parts scattered on my workbench.//   

       I'll take the parts of you're looking to get rid of them.   

       Thank you for using mechanical vs. electrical means. I love the idea [+].
bleh, Jun 19 2007


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