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An aqueduct used to lower air temperature of cities next to mountains.
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The Aqueditioner is an aqueduct that runs down the median or beside the roads leading from a city to a nearby mountain.

Blocks of compacted snow are pushed into position at the top of the aquaduct and tipped over to descend down a luge like aqueduct.
At some point, the crushed snow melts and flows into a pipe rather than open duct nearer the end of the run.

At the end of the Aqueditioner is a rotating valve that contols the direction of a jet of cold water to be sprayed in the air above the city, calculated to evaporate before hitting the ground.

Zimmy, Aug 25 2006


       <pedant> sp: aqueduct <pedant>   

       When you write "the crushed snow changes form to water" I think you mean "the snow melts".   

       The jet of water being sprayed over the city does not have to be cold. Evaporative cooling works because the water cools the air as it turns to vapour.   

       Is there a cover on the lower portions of the aqueduct to prevent premature evaporation?   

       Can you elaborate on the rotating valve? I'm having a little trouble with that.   

       And what powers the jet spray? Will there be enough water pressure due to gravity?   

       Thanks. <takes tongue out of cheek, snickers to elf>
Canuck, Aug 28 2006

       [Canuck] I changed the spelling to Aqueditioner & aqueduct. I had many hits when I searched aquaduct, so I thought that was the correct spelling.   

       I changed the wording about the snow melting also & added a pipe for water to flow into near the end for this.   

       I was imagining the water pressure at the bottom powering a jet spray out of something that works kind of like a lawn sprinkler.
Zimmy, Aug 28 2006

       Zimmy, Zimmy, Zimmy. I was just having fun, not seriously slagging your idea. It's not often I get in this early in a new idea's life span that I can nail so many nit-picking little things and I just got carried away. Sorry!   

       It sounds like a cool idea. (pun fully intended)
Canuck, Aug 29 2006

       are cities near snow capped mountains usually hot?
xaviergisz, Aug 29 2006


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