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Arch Pontoon Bridge

It's What They Call No Rise And Fall
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The buoyant arch pontoon bridge is a pontoon bridge similar to many others but with deep over-buoyant pontoons pushing the deck up into the shape of an arch, in permanent tension because the pontoons are so buoyant. So the deck doesn't go up or down; it's tied down to the river banks. Long crossings can be made with a series of arches; where they meet the pontoon is anchored down to the river bed with big piles. Simple. Excellent.
Harry Mudd, Aug 22 2007


       A nice bit of thinking, but the sections of a pontoon bridge are not usually rigidly fastened together.   

       BTW, one doesn't usually rate one's own idea as excellent.
marklar, Aug 22 2007

       Maybe there's two of him.
baconbrain, Aug 22 2007

       yes, like Dr. Harry and Mr. Mudd.
k_sra, Aug 22 2007


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