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Architectural Preference Inc

'Your preference is our guarantee'
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Bob Tunnpenny, Sales manager, has been given the task to find new rental offices to house his team of tele-marketers and oversee operations.

Bob has made his appointment with the senior sales rep at AP Inc.

"The way we work Bob is that we work the interiors of our rental offices to suit your personal requirements by architecturally changing them for you-so tell me a bit about yourself"

"I've been told on a few occasions whilst overseeing operations that i have ' Repetitive Leaning Syndrome"

"Ok, we have many clients with different requirements and we may have just the solution for you Bob,if you would like to go through to the Plastercast room I'm sure we'll have you up and running in no time"

The plastercaster and Styrofoam manager greets Bob and proceeds to take casts of his elbows,shoulders,hands and left and right buttock cheeks.Bob was under the impression he was going to be greeted with pillars, artistic panels and columns to choose from for his office in this room.

"No Bob were going to take the body casts and then incorporate the inverted molds into the pillars and various wall areas of your new office,taking away those sharp corners and flat surfaces then place molds of your hands into the office furniture enabling you to lean in comfort"


Two weeks have passed and the office interior has been successfully completed.Bob enters with his team with a beaming grin, within his office of personal aesthetic preference, he can now sink into the walls and lean in great comfort throughout this workplace, Bob is very happy with the work of AP Inc,so much that he will inform a colleague suffering from ' Flapping Arm Dilemma'

skinflaps, Apr 20 2004


       The easily assembled buttocks stool, Bob, comes in the extra wide flat pack.
FarmerJohn, Apr 20 2004

       Bob, why is there an imprint of your secretaries ass on your desktop?   

       Skinflaps, were you drunk when you wrote this? [+]
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 20 2004

       Me,...Maybe at the opening of Bobs office they could play 'C'mon Ilean' over the office pa system.
skinflaps, Apr 20 2004

       Architectural Preference *Remodelers,* Inc. For people who gain weight, and must buy new clothes and have office remodeled. [+]
booleanfool, Apr 20 2004

       This asscasting is hilarious, but I do believe it's nigh on baked. Remember the famous Plaster Casters, who cast another part of rock stars' anatomies?
grecosartre, Apr 20 2004

       For stealth leaning within said office, have a full back body mold inserted into the wall enabling observation by only having to poke your head out.
skinflaps, Apr 21 2004

       Funny how you took the "never" out of your other anno.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 21 2004

       "Ok, ok..ok" that's better, my conscious is clear yabba.
skinflaps, Sep 16 2005


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