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Aromatherapy Office Supplies

Calm your employees using Aromatheraphy Office Supplies
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What do you think of a product line that is specifically created to calm/sooth the employees by just being used in their everyday life, at work?

Imagine this a stapler that releases the scent when used, a pre-scented paperclips, papers, pens at people's desks. Scents that perhaps used in Aromatheraphy for different moods and affects.

kangarux, Jul 28 2005

Smencils - the smelly pencils. http://www.smencils.com/
Made out of recycled paper; in scents bubblegum, cherry, cinnamon, chocolate milk, cookie dough, grape, hazelnut latte, orange, peppermint, and root beer. [jutta, Dec 05 2005]

Pentel Ain Supplio (2007, Japan) http://www.pinktent...agrant-pencil-lead/
Aromatherapeutic pencil leads in three flavors: "refresh", "healing", and "positive". [jutta, May 26 2008]

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       No, please no! I have a hard enough time in shopping malls.
DrCurry, Jul 28 2005

       I think I'd hate it, which is in no way indicative of whether it would be a good idea or not. There would probably be a lot of takers.   

       Scented pens and stationery exist, though I've never seen scented staples or staplers.   

       Sniffing certain types of marking pens could have a significant mood altering effect.   

       Welcome, [kangarux].
half, Jul 28 2005

       I bet this is marketable. But, I'd hate to have this in my office building. It's better for home offices and the like.   

       Boss: Why did you put so many staples in this memo? Don't you know I have to xerox this?
You: Oops, sorry...
phundug, Jul 28 2005

       how would the aromas be activated in each case?   

       we discussed the pleasant aroma of freshly unwrapped post-its before. mmmm post-its.
po, Jul 28 2005

       I've seen those scented markers used on flip charts. Usually there are a few minutes at the beginning of every meeting where someone discovers the markers and several people will start sniffing them all. The funny thing is that they didn't realize until too late that they had colored the tips of their noses.   

       It made for a fun meeting however
dougp01, Jul 28 2005

       I'm with DrCurry here. I don't want to smell your stapler any more than I want to listen to your radio while I'm working. No to secondary smelling!
Basepair, Jul 28 2005

       *sniff* Ahhhh ... this paper shredder smells so fresh ..OH GOD MY TIE!.....   

       another officespace related death..pass
Sudok, Jul 29 2005

       You would probably begin to associate the smell with work, which would suck. Say for example you used pens that smelled like oranges every day at work. You would probably begin to avoid the produce department at grocery stores.
KaGe2021, Jul 29 2005

       // aroma of freshly unwrapped post-is// Have you got an unusually sensitive nose, [po]? I'm not getting anything here.
Mmmm, dry-marker pens....
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 29 2005

       strangely, no. but freshly opened post-its do have a fleetingly beautiful perfume. at least the yellow ones anyway.
po, Jul 29 2005

       You'd have to make sure you don't over-do it. Otherwise the entire office would whiff. On the other hand you could subtley alter your colleagues' moods by sending them memoes or discretely leaving a scented pencil on their desk. Kinda like spiking someone only nicer.   

       Oh, and hello, [Kangarux] (waves).
squeak, Jul 29 2005

       Thank you for such a warm Welcome.   

       Just for the record I wasn't thinking about something very strong. Perhaps a very mild touch of those scents?   

       Anyway I agree that it has many cons but it might just work for some, who knows!
kangarux, Jul 29 2005

       Personally, I think that artificial smells should be banned from all workplaces and public spaces. Perhaps independently ventilated cubicles could be provided for those who really can't do without their fix of essential (yet oddly carcinogenic) oils. Your doctor or pharmacist can help you stop scenting.
Basepair, Jul 29 2005

       I am fond of the scented whiteboard markers. Especially the chocolate scented black marker. It makes work a more pleasant experience and doesn't bother anyone else.
wannalearn, Jul 30 2005

       What about the fresh smell of staples as they are? Doesn't anyone care about that? The poor staples try so hard...   

       "Theraphy" reminds me of trephanning.
bungston, Jul 30 2005

       it seems like everything nice is carcinogenic. wouldn't mind betting that someone is researching chocolate, chips and cats as we speak.
po, Jul 30 2005

       Secretary: "Oh, and one more thing...the staff has requested scented office supplies for aromatherapy. Studies show it increases employee morale 73%!"   

       Boss: "How much extra?"   

       Secretary: "For everything, only $6.85."   

       Boss: "Ummm...no."
goober, Jul 30 2005

       I'm with the doc, as well. The world attacks me with enough smells as it is. I sneeze constantly. Now, curry scented office supplies might work.
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005

       I do so very much hope that there were not two references to DrCurry in that statement.
half, Jul 31 2005

       Bad Karma!
blissmiss, Jul 31 2005

       sp: Korma
Basepair, Jul 31 2005


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