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Arrest the Queen

Get the queen done (arrested)
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i heard recently that you can still be hanged by comitting treason and that all letters in the post system are legal property of the queen (something to do with it being HM Post Service) it doesn't matter about the hanging or treason but... my idea would get the queen done for a technology crime.
Step 1: Mug a postman and get the keys to a postbox
Step 2: Get a radio modem (bluetooth or something)
Step 3: Wire up the modem to a very small computer with a large hard drive
Step 4: Put the computer into the postbox and use it as a server for a music file sharing service, such as Napster.
Hence the queen has a napster server in her possesion and gets locked up/fined/whatever for using such a file sharing service
dekoi, May 09 2001

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       sure, ok. why?
absterge, May 09 2001

       Yeah, uh, instead of smacking their foreheads and changing their minds on the illegality of file sharing, they would probably just change their minds on whether the Queen really owns postboxes.
centauri, May 09 2001

       The Queen owns the post boxes, but she can't get done for being in possesion of a Napster client. Because the Queen is a carrier, it would be like arresting UPS for transiting a small quantity of Hash in sealed crate. Also British law stipulates that the mp3 files would be a 'backup' and so perfectly leagal. As long is it isn't sold that's fine.   

       [...oh, before i forget, the Queen has diplomatic immunity..]
[ sctld ], May 09 2001

       dekoi, why don't you walk into Buckingham Palace, hide a kilo of coke under a chair, and then tip off the coppers? Either way it's a frameup. And if the Queen Mum has diplomatic immunity then she's probably already downloaded all the Metallica MP3s she wants from Napster anyway--we all know the fine old girl is a rocker.   

       If you want to protest the Napster ruling(s), I'd suggest you try to plant a Napster server on Lars Ullrich. The irony would be delicious.
Dog Ed, May 09 2001

       It isn't just diplomatic immunity. God Himself saves Her Majesty. So frame her all you want, dekoi, God will get irate with you. Then we'll see how your fare.
globaltourniquet, May 09 2001

       Variation: instead of mugging postmen and tampering with mailboxes, simply put your cell-radio-equipped napster server (bluetooth would be pointless for this application: too short-range) in a parcel and mail it using the slowest, least efficient class of mail, from one tiny town to another. Mail it to an invalid address so that it eventually gets returned to the sender. That way, it's in the system 100% legally. (I think.)
wiml, May 10 2001

       [wiml] - miss offf the return address and this might work... not as good as my theory of sneaking into buckingham palace gardens/10 downing street/the white house and planting a cannabis seeds. The best bit is if you can get more that a few ounces the owner of the land can get done for cultivation/intent to supply and get 10 years. And technically simply denying it was them isn't a a get out.
CasaLoco, May 21 2001

       How about posting an Mp3 player into the postbox? then the queen gets blamed for owning it, cos its in her post box. Or address it to her, then when it arrives, tip off the cops. If she does something wrong does God get arrested too, cos he represents her? DSidn't someone find a porno mag and shwastika in the Queens Jag?
Rikovitch, Jul 12 2001

       If the Queen tried to commit suicide, but failed, could we execute her for high treason? If only Diana hadn't bought it, we might have had the chance to test this out.
Guy Fox, Jul 12 2001

       You'd run out of batteries being carried about. And if you don't like the queen so much, move to the US. We got rid of English rule cause we didn't like the King.
MuddDog, Jul 12 2001

       The queen doesn't actualy do anything so I don't see what the problem is... besides if you get rid of her you just get a new and improved(ie. not realy any diferent) monarch...
RobertKidney, Jul 12 2001

       [MuddDog]: So did we, but they just invaded us again.
Guy Fox, Jul 12 2001

       When you think about commiting a crime, it's ok. But the moment you write it down, it becomes conspiracy. Just a thought, but if you're posting this from somwhere in the Commonwealth, doesn't that make you guilty of treason? A crime punishable by death, as you've already noted.
mighty_cheese, Sep 06 2001

       Just let them try and catch The Fox, haha! <leaping for chandelier and swinging across banquet hall, sword in hand, buckling much swash>   

       Ouch!<crashing into cold, hard wall of traditionalist rhetoric and British small-C conservativism>
Guy Fox, Sep 06 2001

       Damn... forgot to use <smartass>...</smartass> tags
mighty_cheese, Sep 07 2001

       You, and everyone else, also forgot to mention that in the UK the police, armed forces, government and MP's all swear allegiance to the crown. So unless, as Guy Fox points out, you can prove that the queen is treasonous, she's not very likely to be arrested whatever she does.
DrBob, Sep 07 2001

       Let's just murder her in cold blood.
Redbrickterrace, Sep 07 2001

       I'm not very clear on the specifics of UK law, but the general rule is that sovereigns can't be sued without their consent.
bookworm, Sep 07 2001

       well we could just ask
po, Sep 18 2001

       We are not amused.
uneasy, Sep 19 2001


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