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Artificial Foreskin

Because you never had a choice or you are unhappy with the one you have
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While foreskin restoration is not a new thing (wikipedia it)and the 90's invention of the T-tape offered a less invasive route for men seeking to reclaim their lost accessory. These solutions have risks and/or require patience.

But I want my foreskin today! you cry...well I think medical science and skin graft technology has advanced enough to offer you a brand new foreskin made from a mixture of Integra(or other fake skin) and thin grafts of your very own skin.

The proceedure would require small cuts to be made along the original scar tissue of the circumsision, the fake skin would then be sewn on and then coated with a thin layer of your own skin via a skin graft. I assume that eventually the natural process replaces the artificial skin. Future refinements could involve replacing the lost nerve endings to make a more funtional foreskin but obviously we aren't quite there yet.

Additionally those who have peni as god intended might want to spruce things up a bit. Perhaps overuse or age has taken its toll or maybe you feel inferior next to those who've been endowed with the best foreskin money can buy. Well then foreskin augmentation via the Integra-simple method just might be the solution you've been longing fore!

Should be about as routine as a boob job in a few years.

redsimple, Jan 27 2006

fake skin http://www.skinheal..._aboutintegra.shtml
article on Integra [redsimple, Jan 27 2006]

The opposite idea. Body_20part_20removal
[Ling, Jan 29 2006]

Beating masturbating http://www.angelfire.com/on4/selfabuse/
[ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 30 2006]


       Why have unneccessary surgery on your wang? Just because it can happen doesn't mean it should.
PollyNo9, Jan 27 2006

       Um...why would I need one?
DrCurry, Jan 27 2006

       well having been circumcised as long as I can remeber, I don't know what its like to have a foreskin. I just assume that since there are nerve endings lost and scar tissue that forms I would imagine there is a loss of sensation.   

       Also during intercourse there would be less trauma to a vagina or other orfice since the foreskin provides a rolling or gliding action.   

       In the end its a matter of choice...we don't generally just pierce or tattoo infants but (in America at least) infants are routinely circumsized regardless of religious beliefs.
redsimple, Jan 27 2006

       It's always funny to watch/listen to people who have no foreskins speculate what it might be like to have one.
DrCurry, Jan 27 2006

       [to dissuade masturbation] ? Then heaven help me if they'd left it on.
normzone, Jan 27 2006

       rcarty: DrCurry never parted with his real one.
DrCurry, Jan 27 2006

       faux skin?
po, Jan 27 2006

       Okay, so let me get this straight: The idea isn't so much "Give me back my foreskin!" as "Hey, this might be a way to get my foreskin back faster!"? If that's the case I don't understand why this procedure is better than the one normally used.   

       But then again I don't know much about circumcision, and I don't really want to.
PollyNo9, Jan 27 2006

       DrCurry my response was intended for Ian Tindale's comment. Perhaps for the already foreskined may I suggest foreskin augmentation/enlargement or cosmetic enhancment. look for an addendum to my original post   

       rcarty - Hygiene, perhaps has some merit in a world without daily showers/cleaning. which leads me to ask why on earth would one cut into ones penis in the first place if one lived without proper means to clean oneself. I buy the masturbation argument I believe that is why the puritanical Americans so strongly embraced the practice it still doesn't justify the practice.   

       PollyNo9 - well the current methods of foreskin restoration are unsatisfactory. This simply is a rather absurd way to implement cutting edge technology that was once reserved for important work like treating burn victims.
redsimple, Jan 27 2006

       I don't see the big deal as to whether you have it or don't, is it really THAT big of a difference that someone would spend that kind of money to...
I'm going to stop talking and go back to my quaint little home in my quaint little town where we don't fret over these things.
roleohibachi, Jan 28 2006

       if cost is a concern, I fear the half bakery is doomed.
redsimple, Jan 28 2006

       //and to dissuade masturbation //.
What rubbish have you been listening to?.
Christ! I am a lapsed Catholic , heaven knows that they frown on the one-in-a-bed sex romp, but do you have any empirical evidence that being circumcised 'dissuades masturbation'?.
Get a Grip!
gnomethang, Jan 28 2006

       //In the end its a matter of choice// --- Not for the poor sods who get their bishop hat chopped off.
Laimak, Jan 28 2006

       //Get a Grip!// ahem, is that relevant?
po, Jan 28 2006

       Isn't that what this whole idea is about?!
DrCurry, Jan 29 2006

       Regardless of whether you are circumcised, you still cant properly wash you tool without stroking it once or twice.
Jscotty, Jan 29 2006

       The Bones have spoken. I guess foreskin envy hasn't reached sufficent levels to warrant elective surgery.
redsimple, Jan 31 2006

       //I buy the masturbation argument//
Then you won't mind having your hands removed? That's the only real solution. Anyway, I'm giving you a + just because I don't think gluing cans together is the best the bakery can come up with. (That won't make any sense in a couple of weeks, and may not make any sense now.)
ldischler, Feb 02 2006

       Let's face it, circumcision on health grounds is about as sensible as amputating babies' toes so they won't get athlete's foot.
DrCurry, Feb 02 2006

       ldischler - I feel you...well I've had my hands removed so that isn't quite accurate.... I hope you aren't implying this is the best the bakery can come up with god help us all.
redsimple, Feb 03 2006

       I was thinking: if you got a really big artificial foreskin, and you stretched it real tight, it could double up as a rain-hat.
Ling, Feb 03 2006


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