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Ask The Sandwich

Google sandwich board, on the street searches
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Ask The Sandwich will be appearing at a high street near you soon.

It's a free service and is provided for those who are either technophobes or for whatever reason have no access to Google to do their on-line searches.

Here's how it works: The sandwich boards are actually made of thin metal, to which a huge variety of words, letters and simple icons may be attached in the manner of fridge magnets.

Anyone wanting to query Ask The Sandwich, simply has to compose their question, and stick it on, by fiddling through the tray of letters and words that are carried in the same manner as that deployed by the old ice-cream cinema attendants.

Ask The Sandwich returns at ten minute intervals to the same spots on the street, with numerated answers (in condensed form) including images, displayed on the back board. These are removed when a new set of questions has been composed. Patrons may purchase the answers to use as actual fridge magnets (some may require magnification to be read fully)

Of course Google have an office to which the Ask The Sandwich Board operators visit in order to obtain customised magnetic printout answers, that are quickly attached to the back board.

Ask The Sandwich are currently developing other on street equivalents for Facebook and Youtube.

xenzag, Sep 23 2010


       The Oracle of Deli?
infidel, Sep 23 2010

       Once again we bemoan the lack of the option to award buns to annotations ...
8th of 7, Sep 23 2010

       And I offer my second and last pain-au-chocolat to [bigsleep].
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 23 2010

       [Marked-For-Digestion] I like it [+].
Grogster, Sep 24 2010

       (I can see the Oracle everyday, and it is impressive, as an architecture wow that is, at least to me...)   

       And I like the idea too.
blissmiss, Sep 24 2010

       Hewlet Placard.   

       //The Oracle of Deli?//   

       //Once again we bemoan the lack of the option to award buns to annotations ...//   

       Could always do a write in. Like you put: //The Oracle of Deli: 1 bun//, I cut and paste and change it to //The Oracle of Deli: 2 buns// etc. The last poster would have to do the math, subtracting if adding a bone for instance.   

       Kind of a lot more work than clicking a button though.
doctorremulac3, Sep 26 2010

       Add [Like] & [Dislike] buttons, after the fashion of Facebook?
infidel, Sep 26 2010

       Haha... nice bracket usage infidel... Are they animated and italicized?
daseva, Sep 26 2010


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