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Life saving keyring.
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300 mg of asirin taken in the early stages of a heart attack has a significant impact on mortality i.e. it saves lives. Putting a tablet in an everpresent keyring with the instructions 'in the event of central crushing chest pain, break open swallow tablet and dial 999' (that's 911 to the Americans) would be a lifesaver.

You can't do someone much harm with a single asirin and it is an over-the-counter drug so no great problems with selling it.

clowntriggerfish, May 04 2005

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       Psst <sp> aspirin.   

       Perhaps ear-rings that double as defibbrilator padds would be the next logical step.
hidden truths, May 04 2005

       Sorry, doktors dont make spellas.
clowntriggerfish, May 05 2005

       We (USA) have keychains for carrying pills in (usually nitro). They are made of stainless steel, have a screw top lid and a rubber O ring.   

       They come in multiple sizes, with or without a medic alert symbol.   

       I have a friend that carries one with Allegra, Motrin, and gout attack pills in it.
37PiecesOf Flair, May 05 2005

       There is nothing new under the sun I guess. To really get publicity you could put a 'morning after pill' in a key chain. To up the stakes further you would do one with HIV post-exposure prophlaxis.
clowntriggerfish, May 07 2005

       Don't worry Doc, they laughed at my idea to have a soup bowl double as a mind control ray deflecting helmet. <= - ) (Just teasing, bun for you.)
doctorremulac3, May 07 2005

       The Aspi-ring should be pirate-themed as well.
hippo, May 07 2005

       Too low-tech. I'd prefer a membranous container, implanted into your stomach, that holds an aspirin pill in it. When you have a heart attack, press your belly button and the membrane pops and releases the pill internally.
phundug, May 08 2005

       I agree phundug. I was thinking something similar, yet not as cool. Do HIV post-exposure [prophylaxes] work? I've heard or such things in my personal "avoid aids at all costs" research.
SpocksEyebrow, May 08 2005

       HIV Post-exposure prophlaxis 'almost certainly' works but that is as definate an answer as you are likely to get from a doctor.
clowntriggerfish, May 09 2005

       Why not keep the tablet in a little locked box on the keyring? Then have the keyring monitor your heart rate so whenever something goes wrong, the keyring could unlock the tablet and allow access to it?
CombatChuck, May 09 2005


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