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Salt, Pepper, Aspirin

Microencapsulated aspirin powder in a shaker on the table
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Cardiovascular problems have been related to high levels of fat, red meat, cholesterol, and salt in the diet. Low, regular doses of aspirin have been recommended as a relatively low-risk, high-efficacy therapy for reducing these cardiovascular problems. But aspirin pills or capsules are relatively difficult and messy to cut into the recommended low doses, and there's a minor stigma to popping pills all the time, and it can be inconvenient to remember to have pills with you or to take them regularly, and most of all, aspirin tastes horrible if you don't swallow the pill just right.

So microencapsulate aspirin powder, as is done with enteric aspirin pills, and keep a shaker of the powder on the table with the salt and pepper. Then anyone concerned about the cardiovascular effects of the rich foods they're eating could sprinkle a dose of aspirin onto the food like a seasoning, but a seasoning that acts at least in part as an antidote to the possible damage done by the food. This way the aspirin would be available in a useful form at the precise moment the diner realizes it might be a good thing to ingest.

The microencapsulation would prevent the aspirin from having any flavor at all, and would allow for slow release of the aspirin over a longer period of time, which makes the aspirin both more effective and less likely to injure stomach or intestinal linings. Maybe the aspirin should be dyed blue or something so it's not confused with the salt. And to aid in dosing, you'd probably want a shaker with a device that delivers, say, the equivalent of 1/4 regular strength adult tablet per application.

beauxeault, Apr 11 2002

(?) BC Powder http://www.bcpowder...ducts_original.aspx
Shake shake shake. [Letsbuildafort, Jan 17 2008]


       make it salt, pepper, vioxx...and I'm there.
runforrestrun, Apr 11 2002

       UB, I thought about doing the same with red wine, but it would be such a shame to miss the pleasure of drinking it.
beauxeault, Apr 11 2002

       This is nice, bx.  +  Maybe just the essence of red wine that causes the good cardio effects?
bristolz, Apr 11 2002

       They could always add a tiny bit of aspirin to something like iced tea or soda where the flavor is covered up. Go to a fast food place and order a CardioCola(tm) with your deep-fried LardBurger(tm), so the former undoes a bit of the damage caused by the latter.
mrouse, Apr 11 2002

       Which helps prevent problems for people with lonely hearts.
waugsqueke, Apr 11 2002

       So, do you want a little aspirin in your food, or a little food in your aspirin? (To someone who overseasons)
reensure, Apr 11 2002

       Know what, RodsTiger? I read it that way too, "in the speed of passing." Freaky and weird, man. What's next, Billy Shears' Ibuprofen?
jacksheet, Feb 06 2004

beanangel, Jan 16 2008

       Could be applied to a variety of supplements or vitamins.. +
afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 17 2008

       You realize there'd have to be Kosher aspirin, vegan aspirin, gluten-free aspirin...
Ander, Jan 17 2008

       I assume Kosher asprin would be mixed with Kosher salt.
vincevincevince, Jan 17 2008

       Like a shaker for BC Powder.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 17 2008

       Cheap but classier version: Fill your pepper grinder with aspirin pills.   

       "Aspirin sir?"
"Yes please." <Grind> "Wo wo wo."
theleopard, Jan 18 2008


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