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At The Puppy Races

For hyperactive puppies
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The problem of having a kelpie-border collie cross puppy who hasn't had all her shots is that she can't be taken out for walks and that when everyone in the house is away during the day, she hasn't got anyone to play with.

My solution to this is similar to those rabbits on a bar that go round and round at the dog races, except house size so that it could go down the side of your house and possibly round a corner. It should be a bit too high so as that the dog doesn't jump up and grab it for some unfortunate accident to occur, but enough to catch the dogs attention.

It should stop periodically and taunt the dog, and there would be times where it just stops for a while to give the pup a rest.

froglet, Mar 16 2006

Buy one, or buy the whole set... Urban_20Remote_20Herding_20Array
...Start your collection now ! [normzone, Mar 17 2006]

Labrador sized hamster wheel? Puppy_20mill
maybe not such a good idea... [ye_river_xiv, Mar 06 2007]


       A dog owner's answer to the spinning laser chase-the-dot cat entertainment thingy.
Shz, Mar 17 2006

       Well, that will do it for around the house, but for a more versatile version of this idea see link.
normzone, Mar 17 2006

       And to think I just wanted to get my dog a Labrador size hamster wheel.   

       My pup would love this.
Flux, Mar 17 2006

       AKA - "How to break your house" [+]
wagster, Mar 17 2006

       I like that it taunts the dog. Perhaps it could have programable/recordable audio of you saying things like "C'mere boy" and "go get it" before zipping of around a corner.
illustratedgeek, Mar 17 2006

       I hope you meant "encourage" instead of "taunt". My mind came up with numerous cruel things to say to a puppy, so I have mentally slapped myself. Shame on me! I'll erase them from my mind.   

       OK, since you insist, here are a few: "You call yourself sheepdog? I've seen better herding by a fencepost!", "Your mother was a bitch", and "Oh, you're just a <in italics> border <end italics> collie?"
Canuck, Mar 18 2006

       //And to think I just wanted to get my dog a Labrador size hamster wheel//   

       Well, aren't you in luck [link]
ye_river_xiv, Mar 06 2007


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