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Catnip filled tampons

The best cat toy ever just got better
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My cat plays with a lot of things around the house. Her favorite toys happen to be unopened tampons. First she will remove the wrapping paper around the tampon. Then she opens the plastic applicator. Finally she bats around the tampon itself as though it was a mouse with the string as the tail.

Why not bake this into a cat toy properly by making the tampon part more "mouse-like" and scented or filled with catnip for cats who don't know it is a lot of fun to break into this thing. It also would make sense to make the item reusable by giving the owner a way to reassemble it for a future use.

dhousman, Oct 22 2004

(?) just like a toy mouse really and probably cost about the same! http://www.photocat.../funny/images/6.jpg
[po, Oct 22 2004]

Wikipedia: Toxoplasmosis http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Toxoplasmosis
Eew! [jutta, Mar 07 2007]


       Why not just use catnip-filled cat toys as ... never mind.
angel, Oct 22 2004

       These would be bad to use in mountain lion country.
bungston, Oct 22 2004

       is catnip safe for internal use?
benfrost, Oct 23 2004

       My kitty, dustpoon, eats it by the bucket full, if given his way. Only seems to make him happier than us.   

       (We supply him with his narcatic of choice, soon thereafter, the "lid" in which he consumes it on, becomes his party hat, as he flips the plastic container top upon his head.)   

       Odd that benfrost would reply to this, as waugs and I had just an hour before, discussed the possibility of mixing vj, with nip, and tampoons.
blissmiss, Oct 23 2004

       clamtex pontoons.
bristolz, Oct 23 2004

       Made by Bristol-Myers, or Bristol-Muirs, or Bristol-Cannucks, or...(you should be asleep, young lady, and happy mods day, a few hours late, btw.)
blissmiss, Oct 23 2004

       Lookout ben, you have competition!
RayfordSteele, Oct 23 2004

       I'm curious why the author has unopened tampons lying around the house, though.
waugsqueke, Oct 23 2004

       cats are awfuk good at stealing from handbags. I suspect thats what happened in this case.
po, Oct 23 2004

       I'll reserve judgement until after the cat removes itself from your crotch.
5th Earth, Oct 23 2004

       Now your'e saying, po, that dhousman, is toting a purse, as well as tossing tampoons around HIS house? Hmmm, very complex sort, this dhousman GUY.
blissmiss, Oct 23 2004

       yeah, she's a bit funny don't ya think?
po, Oct 23 2004

       Shepherd's purse-soaked tampons would make more sense.
nineteenthly, Oct 23 2004

       If you used one of the catnip filled tampons(for it's intended purpose) by mistake,would'nt that result in your pussy trying to go after your pussy?? Could'nt resist.
python, Oct 23 2004

       Ya really should have, really.
blissmiss, Oct 23 2004

       //It also would make sense to make the item reusable by giving the owner a way to reassemble it for a future use.//   

Pericles, Oct 24 2004

       Ewww [dhousman], simply ewww!   

       (wait, did I say it already?).
Pericles, Oct 24 2004

       // //It also would make sense to make the item reusable by giving the owner a way to reassemble it for a future use.//   


       Really. Ever heard of toxoplasmosis?   

       Ever wondered why tampons are called "sanitary napkins?" Mee too, but the point is that once the wrapper is removed, they are no longer sanitary.   

       Then again, if you're into bestiality...
ye_river_xiv, Mar 06 2007

       Not to take away from your important point, but to me, "sanitary napkins" are the paper-towelly things worn stuck to panties, no strings, possibly with wings on them.
Hey, toxoplasmosis is really interesting!
jutta, Mar 07 2007


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