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Attendance Logger

Push Button Attendance Counter with Logging and Categorization
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PROBLEM: The typical handheld attendance counter does not come with a timestamp and categorization.

SOLUTION: Create a simple wearable device that fits on your wrist or in your pocket, that fills in these missing features.

DETAILS: This idea would be just like those electronic devices in stores and pubs that ring a bell when someone walks in the door, except it would also be: 1) wearable (on your wrist, in your pocket, whatever); 1.5) unobtrusive (no need to open it up, turn it on and off like a PDA) simple push-button operation; 2) uploadable to a computer (USB); 3) have a complete timestamp (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss:nnn); 4) allow you to attach user-definable 'tags' or 'categories' to each tally (for example if you were a bird-watcher and you wanted to keep track of the bird-types).

drefty, Jan 24 2006


       I've seen geeky USB flash drive watches, so somebody's got the form factor and connectivity handled. Just a bit of different firmware and another button.   

       The "remote control" button on a PDA thing should be a piece of cake, relatively. I think even I might be able to do that one.   

       I imagine there's a certain compulsive segment of the population that would love this. You might be among that crowd since you came up with the idea. :-)
half, Jan 24 2006

       This is a good idea, hardly half-baked at all. Perhaps instead of a PDA, a cell phone and a GPS could be used so that the software could call someone and tell them what you are doing based on your location.......   

       "Beep....this is Leonards Timeclocker...'e at the bloody pub again....beep"
Minoosh, Jan 24 2006

       are you Vernon ?

could you be more concise?
you know those things they use on doors at pubs/bars etc. to count the number of people coming and going ?
if they made them with a time stamp, and categories (as an electronic device) they'd be much more useful.
neilp, Jan 25 2006


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