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Au Jus Martini

When an olive just isn't enough
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Dirty martinis - vodka or gin spiked with olive brine and garnished with more olives - have seen a huge resurgence here in my part of the U.S. over the last five or ten years. There is something about the union of ice cold alcohol and savory, salty treats that folks clearly find intriguing. Plus, you get a drink and a snack all in one.

What if you're hungry for something a little more substantial, but not so hungry that you feel compelled to order a burger or something? I propose an Au Jus Martini - vodka or gin spiked with natural beef juices and garnished with a seared cube of tender beef.

Mind you, I'm a vegetarian, but I did eat beef for a long time and I'm pretty sure this would be delicious. Just as long as it's served straight up and not on the rocks - that would be gross.

Diatonic, Jul 21 2009

The Meatini http://www.rathergood.com/meatini
Not quite the same thing but you gotta Love Joel Veitch! [gnomethang, Jul 21 2009]

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       Noun: bullshot -- 1. A cocktail made with vodka and beef bouillon or consommé   

       I dunno if adding a beef cube makes this RECIPE different enough.
baconbrain, Jul 21 2009

       //I dunno if adding a beef cube makes this RECIPE different enough.//   

       Fine cocktail chemistry is all about the details.
Diatonic, Jul 21 2009

       There HAS to be a market for bacon sandwich-flavoured cocktails.
coprocephalous, Jul 21 2009

       The Bloody Caesar sets a close precedent - do clams count as meat?
zen_tom, Jul 21 2009

       Aspic under correction, but I am sure this is widely known to exist.
4whom, Jul 21 2009

       I'll have a cheesy martini please...sharp cheese. Yup and Yum.
blissmiss, Jul 21 2009

       I've heard that olives stuffed with blue cheese instead of pimentos make for a really great martini. Is that true?
Gamma48, Jul 22 2009

       I prefer the dirty vodka martini, but adding a boullion cube seems so very odd.
Has anyone actually tried something like this?
that link... mmmmm bacon!
Zimmy, Jul 22 2009


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