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Audio Airbags

"They sounded great until that guy hit me"
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[Onscreen a sleek automobile swoops through a series of turns. The smooth voiceover intones...]

"Front and side airbags tuned to emanate lows, highs, and midrange frequencies to enhance your listening pleasure while providing a safer driving experience. In the event of a collision, the complex fabric folds deploy and cushion impact, emanating pleasantly harmonic bass notes"

normzone, Aug 23 2005


       Or just one large whoopee cushion...
DrCurry, Aug 23 2005

       That many folds would kill the sound- Literally
SoldierJim, Aug 23 2005

       [edit, response to grumpy newbie deleted when he deleted his anno]   

       No need to be sorry [wagster], although given the inconsistent quality of my ideas I'm curious which one, if any, is your favorite.
normzone, Mar 05 2006

       Sorry [norm], but I'm already well aware that you can do better than this.
wagster, Mar 05 2006


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