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Audio Motorwaze Safety Device

High speed motor sound near speeding limit, motor coughing sounds as you pass it
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2nd try. Perhaps with proper English. But I can't tell...

You accelerate your car by stepping on the gas pedal, in your totally silent car. No fun! So you turn on the Audio Motorwaze and Tada!! You now hear the satisfying sound of a speeding motor along with the sound of wind blowing, as you get closer and closer to the speed limit. The motor screams like you are in a racecar working really hard, even though you are only going 85 km/h (or 55 mph in the US).

It tunrs your quiet drive on the highway into an adventure.

You get appropriate music as you stop or start, the sound of a helicopter rotor turning as you coast along on the highway at a comfortable speed, or you just hear a breeze blowing as you as you drive along a winding country road.

When you pass a car you hear a satisfying whoosh sound along with a Dopler effect, as if you overtook it triple the speed.

You can play the ambulance sound for yourself (it sounds like the siren is working outside your car, as if the sound is coming from beyond the roof and closed windows.

You can also "honk" your horn, which sounds like a ship's horn, but no one outside hears it, the sound is only for you, coming from your earphones or internal car speakers.

You can even install our MotorWaze II system that can play the sounds to the driver while dynamically silencing these sounds from the passengers.

They have no idea you are pressing the buttons that make you hear the sounds of shooting rockets at somebody ahead of you, or that you are listening to the sound of the car ahead being pushed out of the way.

It massages your back or throws your seat up and down simulating a bumpy path or tilting you a bit more than the actual turn should.

All this happens by connecting to the phone's GPS, no need for any wires or connectors to the gas pedal and breaks.

You can also set alarms like SLOW DOWN, PULL UP, or EMERGENCY TOO LOW TOO LOW. Beebeebeep.

pashute, Mar 16 2023

Set of warnings for a safe drive https://www.youtube...watch?v=TFJQAoQlfoc
[pashute, Mar 16 2023]

USAA Safe Pilot https://www.usaa.co...surance/safedriving
Monitors your driving for insurance discount [a1, Mar 16 2023]

woop woop pull up! https://www.youtube...watch?v=g8rwTfzfBo0
[Voice, Mar 17 2023]

Airspeed low! Airspeed low! https://www.youtube...watch?v=89mYx2WdFgc
[Voice, Mar 17 2023]

Speach wizz mine Mini Stair off Exportings from My Cantry https://www.youtube...watch?v=4D_EJ5xcUzA
[pashute, Mar 19 2023]


       Can I have this in proper English, please?
Voice, Mar 16 2023

       So you want progressive audio warnings that you're speeding so you don't have to look at the speedo?
whatrock, Mar 16 2023

       // proper English, please? //   

       I’d even settle for American English.   

       To be fair to [pashute] though, I wouldn’t be able to write up a halfbaked idea - or anything else - in Hebrew. So I appreciate his English, as Yoda as it may seem.
a1, Mar 16 2023

       // All this happens by connecting to the phone's GPS, no need for any wires or connectors to the gas pedal and breaks //   

       There is some precedent for at least this part of the concept. USAA auto insurance (link) offers a safe-driving discount. They use an app on your phone to judge your driving by speed, acceleration, braking habits, etc. No extra gear required.   

       An app like that could probably give sound effects while driving.
a1, Mar 16 2023

       I knew a person with one of those apps for their insurance, there are (non legally binding) 5mph limit signs on the private grounds here (which all the residents ignore), it was hilarious watching them trying really hard to drive around the site at less than 5mph.
pocmloc, Mar 16 2023

       Driving? I could get ticketed there on a brisk walk.
a1, Mar 16 2023

       ok how is it now?
pashute, Mar 17 2023

       Fine explications with the more additional has it now.
a1, Mar 17 2023

       [+]! Thank you. The main reasons I had trouble were incomplete sentences and the double definition of "speeding" to mean "going fast" and also "going faster than the speed limit permits". It was ambiguous but now is not.
Voice, Mar 17 2023

       Ar ju makeeng foon oof hiss English?
a1, Mar 19 2023


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