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Automotive Metronome

For the 2 second rule
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I'm not sure if this is different enough from a normal metronome to count as a new idea but here goes:

When driving I try to keep to the two second rule. Unfortunately I have trouble keeping time accurately in my head so I tend to stretch or shrink the seconds to fit two (or more in nasty weather) into the interval between me and the preceding car. I would like a cheap device that would beep once a second for a few beats at the press of a button. This would make it impossible for me to screw up the count. I know I could say "hippopotamus" or "Mississippi" but as I can say these at different speeds they don't help much.

stilgar, Apr 28 2007


       An audible pace tone for driving. In a hurry? Speed it up.   

       "Sorry officer, I thought the metronome was set at 60."
nuclear hobo, Apr 28 2007

       How about a radar that shows you how far you are from the car in front both in metres and in seconds, thus eliminating the need to count.   

       By the way, new Mercedes have cruise control that slows the car down when you get too close to the car in front, then speeds up again if the road clears.
marklar, Apr 29 2007

       As marklar notes, a proximity monitor would be much more useful, but these are already Baked.
DrCurry, Apr 29 2007

       Isn't it three seconds...
BJS, Apr 29 2007

       The groovy cruise control is a fantastic invention but would be difficult to retrofit to my '83 Volvo. This is admittedly an inferior solution but one that could be bought for two bucks in a gas station and installed by sticking it to the dash.
stilgar, Apr 29 2007

       //Isn't it three seconds...// No, the 3 second rule is how long you have to wait before stealing someone's seat.
marklar, Apr 30 2007

       If you listen to anything by "Soul II Soul" (e.g. "Keep on Movin'") in the car you can take advantage of the fact that Soul II Soul's music is almost all at a solid 100 beats per minute. Three beats will therefore be about 2 seconds.
hippo, Apr 30 2007


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