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Audio Only GPS

When looking at GPS is too distracting.
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GPS is great, but when your driving looking at it can be distracting, and as for using it on a bike, forget it, so my idea, and it should be very simple to make, just have a GPS unit, no screen and a few simple buttons, with Text to Speech (so you know your streets) and a Bluetooth headset, put the GPS in your pocket, the headset on and it will tell you where to go (in a good way) without you having to take your eyes off the road.
Hirudinea, Jun 15 2009


       My first thought was that this would be a gps unit that only tells you "cold" "colder" "warm" "getting hotter" etc rather than giving actual directions...
prufrax, Jun 16 2009

       My new car has got this. There's a dially thing you use to put in a postcode into the narrow cd-player screen, and then a nice lady tells you what to do next. I wasn't sure it would work at first, but the audio cues are clear and precise.
zen_tom, Jun 16 2009


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