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Audio Video Online Sync

Browser Plugin that assists in syncing audio and video
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Too many times online videos, especially news videos loose their sync with the audio.

AudvidPlug is an attempt at fixing this problem:

This plugin shows the online video in the top window, and in the bottom window shows three strips of what is being played currently. I'll explain these shortly.

The first strip is built of "bookmarks" - images where there is a change of face or drastic difference.

You mark a bookmark where someone is talking. The strip then changes to show several small images of the frames (and perhaps each frame if you zoom in).

At the same time there is a WAV representation of the sound, currently being played, on the second strip.

On the third strip, attached to the second strip is a (rough) phonetic representation of sounds heard on the second strip.

The user selects the "sounds" currently being heard, which moves the two "sound" strips to a new location, in sync with the first two.

The sound is now not coming from the original video player but from a "plugin" sound player receiving its instructions from the plugin.

A feature to play the video slowly and "stretch" the sound (wsola algorithm) would be useful, but if that's too hard to do, create this only at the second stage.

pashute, Oct 04 2012




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