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Chirality preference in video-conferencing software

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There's a convention in video-conferencing software (such as Microsoft Teams, which my employer favours) of participants clicking the 'Raise Hand' button when they want to interrupt the speaker or ask a question. When this is done, a small icon of a raised hand is overlaid on the person's image on the screen. It is flagrantly discriminatory that this hand is always depicted as a right hand. Thus, this idea is that left-handed people (or people who have lost their right hand in, say, a bizarre gardening accident and don't want to be continually reminded of this) should be able to set a preference for the raised hand icon to be shown as a left hand.
hippo, Jun 10 2024


       [+] but only if it also has icons available in every possible skin tone. And also some with missing fingers; for gardeners, woodworkers, shop teachers, etc who may have had less severe accidents than losing an entire hand.
a1, Jun 10 2024

       No, you sit there in your left handed sinfulness, and be sinful, and get used to it!
21 Quest, Jun 11 2024

       But this is a question of perspective. From where I sit the hand icon matches the view that I - the prospective hand-raiser - have of my left hand when I am in the act of raising that hand. The hand icon does not contain any detail which would mean that the right-handed, palm-to-user interpretation is correct. Given that the palm-to-audience hand gesture is rude in many cultures (Iraq, Greece, Monmouthshire), Microsoft have done well to avoid using it.
calum, Jun 11 2024

       Kudos to [calum] for recognising that the culture of Monmouthshire is up there with the great classical civilisations of Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia.
pocmloc, Jun 11 2024

       [calum] So are you saying it’s actually either discriminatory against right-handed people, or insulting to people from (the big three) Iraq, Greece and Monmouthshire?
hippo, Jun 12 2024

       I don't want to overstate the part that Greece plays in this, given that the moutza typically has fingers splayed, but yes, those are the only two options. I am, however, relaxed about the extent and impact of any discrimination against right-handed people, as the left-handed minority have many struggles that us right-handers do not (scissors, keivhendt / sinister etc., the left hand of god).
calum, Jun 12 2024

       Darn those ambidextrous people!   

       Dang them all to heck!   


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