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Audio archaeology

Find (in caves) remnants of ancient sounds
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Find remnants of sound in the muddy material of caves and discover what people said 5000 years ago.
pashute, Jun 27 2021

https://en.wikipedi...ki/Archaeoacoustics [pocmloc, Jun 27 2021]

https://scifi.stack...recordings-in-stone [pocmloc, Jun 27 2021]

(?) https://theontarion...rom-the-other-side/ [pocmloc, Jun 27 2021]

https://www.blipfot...2251508971187733332 [pocmloc, Jun 27 2021]

[xaviergisz, Jun 29 2021]

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       Not a new idea. See links.
pocmloc, Jun 27 2021

       [marked-for-deletion] interesting idea, but also old
hippo, Jun 28 2021

       I don't think that has ever been done before. Just think of the possibilities of a PhD by scraping the mud from the bottom of caves and analyzing the mud for sounds.   

       Technicians will be viving for a chance to invent the way to discover the sound, separate it into conversations, amplify the results and sell DVD, CD or what ever the current media is for public consumption. I
el dueno, Jun 28 2021

       //I don't think that has ever been done before//   

       I think you are right, it has not ever been done.   

       I would guess there may be two possible reasons for this. 1. It is possible but no-one has ever thought of trying. 2. fill in your own reason different from 1.
pocmloc, Jun 29 2021

       This field already has its own wikipedia page (linked from the linked Paleoacoustics idea). From that page:   

       "In 1993, archeology professor Paul Åström and acoustics professor Mendel Kleiner performed similar experiments in Gothenburg, and reported that they could recover some sounds.[30]   

       An episode of MythBusters explored the idea: Episode 62: Killer Cable Snaps, Pottery Record found that while some generic acoustic phenomena can be found on pottery, it is unlikely that any discernible sounds (like someone talking) could be recorded on the pots unless ancient people had the technical knowledge to deliberately put the sounds on the artifacts.[31]"
pertinax, Jun 29 2021

       That's Halfbakery for you.   

       Its 2021 (yes I said 2021!) You have this fantastic idea, that no one thought of before and will change the world. Your waiting to hear how its bad science,and of course cannot be done. It was already tried in 1993 (1993!!) and then there were 2 (2!!!!) mythbuster episodes dealing with it, and a Wikipedia page (a Wikipedia page!!!!!!) dedicated to the idea.   

       Marked for doing   

       And then I read the wikipedia page :-(   

       and @n-pearson's idea (thanks @xaviergisz)
pashute, Jun 29 2021


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