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breakup the ross ice shelf

a method and reason to accelerate the destruction of the ross ice shelf
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the ross ice shelf is huge , awesome, and mostly floating.

i propose that people aren't really worried enough about global warming. there is not enough outright panic out there about the end of the world coming. furthermore, there really isn't enough warming and signs of impending warming either.

i propose that the accelerated breakup of the ross ice shelf would help spread panic inducing rage that would very seriously support attempts at full globalization of government and the bringing in of a new world government that could force countries to respect mother earth, by force if necessary.

therefor , i believe it would be wise to set about accelerating the destruction of the ross ice shelf.

after careful considering i believe there is one obvious way to do this. furthermore the technology mostly already exists and can be improved greatly by supercomputer simulations.

1) Swords for plowshares or , nuclear weapons for peaceful uses, have been HEAVILY researched by the u.s. military and the soviets. while existing research pertains ONLY to subTERRAenean explosions of Small kiloton and subkiloton nukes ( as well as much bigger ) ----its' easy to extrapolate much of the lessons to using nuclear weapons for explosions beneath about 250 meters of ice. supercomputers can crunch the data , give a few projections, and then the first few blasts can be used to confirm or reject the projects, tweak the models, and then adjust for the final products used in the series of charges detonated for the breakup project

2) digging, this is ice and it is FLOATING. this presents a unique opportunity to prototype many of the proposed europA ( ice moon of jupiter with a subsurface ocean) ice tunneling robots. our nuclear excavation charges must tunnel through the ice. HOWEVER for maximum effect the charges should be located precisely at the BOTTOM of the ice sheet wherever the sheet may be, whether than is floating above meters of water, or directly on the seabed. to achieve this, a prototype must be able to melt through the ice, float ontop of water , and anchor itself to the bottom of the ice once it's tunneled to the water ( or to hit the seabed) .

the blasts' energy will be direct primarily into the ice, and what is deflected downwaard towards the seabed will create water travelling shockwaves (like a water/steam hammer) that LIFTS and hammers the rest of the ice shelf from underneath the ice. that is why TIMING is so crucial, to create the proper shockwaves.

furthermore the nuclear materials left over (which won't actually be that much ----less than a few megatons worth --- --- -just a few hundred pounds of radio isotopes) should help accelerate the melting process

3) supercomputer simulations......just like a planned demolition of a high rise, the timing of multiple demolition charges is CRUCIAL to effectively breaking up the ice shelf. CRUCIAL. unlike a high rise however, the dynamics of many many forces, including gravity , the tides, ice/water/seabed interactions, polar subglacial ice rivers, polar oceanic currnents and thermo-haline current differentials, seasonal pack ice , and other dynamics will effect how the ross ice shelf reacts to the demolition charges in both the instantaneous, short, medium, and seasonal long term .

that said, a series of a few hundred to a thousand dog sized kiloton range nukes floating and anchored on the underside of the ice shelf should do the trick and we will see at least half of the entire ross iceshelf breakup in just a few short months or less, possibly the entire western antarctic slope will begin to deteriorate in a manner of years. these small demolition charges are numerous but could easily be deployed practically by a few dozens runs of a large military cargo transport plane with no humans on the ground.

with this new harbinger of things to come, the u.n. and other globosocialist entities can help us better undertand why and how we can save our planet from global warming.

also, there is a lot of scientific research to be done on such a project. the outcome will be very enlightening.

teslaberry, Jul 28 2016

ross https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Ross_Ice_Shelf
[teslaberry, Jul 28 2016]

ahem Nuke_20Antarctica
[FlyingToaster, Jul 28 2016]

https://en.wikipedi...ki/The_Kraken_Wakes Equally ahem,The Kraken Wakes [not_morrison_rm, Jul 28 2016]


       Excellent. [+]   

       When does it start ?
8th of 7, Jul 28 2016

       //rage that would very seriously support attempts at full globalization of government and the bringing in of a new world government that could force countries to respect mother earth, by force if necessary.//   

       Starting with executing everybody involved in breaking up the Ross ice shelf presumably?
doctorremulac3, Jul 28 2016

       //i propose that people aren't really worried enough about global warming...furthermore, there really isn't enough warming and signs of impending warming either.//   

       And I propose that people aren't really worried enough about the coming Fungal Apocalypse. Furthermore, there isn't enough fungal encroachment and signs of impending fungal activity either.   

       "Global warming" is the answer you get when you ask a bunch of meek, middle-aged, widely-ignored weather forecasters the question "What do you think will be the next global catastrophe which can only be averted by intense funding?". If, instead, they had asked the same question of a bunch of meek, middle-aged, widely-ignored mycologists, then we would all be working hard to mitigate the impending fungopalypse.   

       Anyway, [-] for absence of capital letters.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 28 2016

       Minding punctuation and capitalization in writing is like wearing pants during a speech. Without these you may be making a valid point but it's distracting.
doctorremulac3, Jul 28 2016

       Sorta covered <link>
FlyingToaster, Jul 28 2016

       You wouldn't want to nuke it at all. You'd want to mine the water. Which would easily let you counteract any desertification, and increase the speed with which the continent can be exploited
theircompetitor, Jul 28 2016

       max---fungopalyse is real. don't denigrate it with global warming comparisons. fungopalpse has happened before and will happen again.   

       also, there are a few people who posit that global warming is not really dangerous so long as it doesn't wake the real dragon-----which is the supposed cause for many of earth's major extinctions-------hydrogen sulfide explosions, which completely poison aerobic ocean life.   

       somehow it is posited these explosive releases are related to atmospheric warming, but i don't buy that for a second. i think sulfur is in the ocean bottoms, waiting to be stirred up by volcanoes and meteorites, but not global warming........
teslaberry, Jul 28 2016

       Strangely, "fungopalypse" has zero hits on the Internet. This, shirley, can only reflect a conspiracy operating at the highest levels. Where's [2fries] when you need him?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 28 2016

       What is that flashing light?   

       Oh, that's my author identification system - it auto engaged somewhere around the second paragraph.   

       Destruction is cheap and easy to plan - are you able to balance that with something for creation?
normzone, Jul 28 2016

       Has the new world government, perchance, put their minds to the fact that New Zealand would consider this an act of war? Perhaps a preemptive strike against Wellington would be in order.
the porpoise, Jul 28 2016

       I think a pre-emptive strike against Wellington is always in order.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 28 2016

       You mean as an appetizer or a main course ?
normzone, Jul 28 2016

       I mean immediately before the empt.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 28 2016

       *break up   


       And what's a "high rise however"?   


       How would you keep this plan secret? I imagine it would not have the desired effect if it was known how the Ross ice shelf really broke up.
notexactly, Jul 29 2016

       do it in winter of course. and the staggered small explosions will just look like some small tremoring earthquakers at most on a sizemohgraf
teslaberry, Jul 29 2016

       Fungoprolapse has me pretty worried, and ready with some funding. Fungalypso has me doing catchy limbo. But plain old Fungolpolis is not scary at all, and worth a visit for the cheese.   

       I was just thinking of the xfiles where the Chupacabra was some guy who set off infectious fungus storms. They did some great special effects in that episode.
bungston, Jul 29 2016

       // Destruction is cheap //   

       Not that cheap - but we can do it for you wholesale...
8th of 7, Jul 29 2016


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