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Augmented Reality Shower Display

It's Not Over Until You Turn It Off
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Juxtaposing those who like to sing in the shower and those who like to watch TV as they shower (guilty) -- and the water displays now relatively common in corporate or special effect settings, I'm proposing a shower combined with a water display that will both put you in the middle of the action and provide suitably water proof entertainment
theircompetitor, May 25 2016

Hogfather http://wiki.lspace....Hogfather#Sub-Plots
Beware ! [8th of 7, May 25 2016]


       Sounds like you want a bathroom like the one "Bloody Stupid" Johnson designed for the Archchancellor of Unseen University...   

8th of 7, May 25 2016

       I was thinking this could be for degenerates who want to peep in on the person in the shower, but fear disappointment when they find that despite my very attractive and girlish falsetto, I am actually the one in the shower, attending to hygiene with my skin crust-scraping device.   

       The augmented reality display could keep my excellent singing voice but portray me as more peepworthy and less crusty. Perhaps the device could include an attached stabbing mat.
bungston, May 25 2016

       I thought this was gonna be for people that would like to shower in the middle of a busy street or public park, maybe on the subway without the inconvenience of deciding where to carry the transit pass. [edit: oh, it is]
FlyingToaster, May 25 2016

       I knew it was you as soon as I got to the word guilty. Funny, I was thinking about you and your taste in wet entertainment just the other day.   

       I guess it would depend on what you liked to watch...sounds like a good way to get hurt in a fall if you're an action/adventure guy. The news would just be depressing, and documentaries would be weird.
normzone, May 25 2016

       No soap, video killed the no soap, radio star.
4whom, May 25 2016

       //I was thinking about you and your taste in wet entertainment just the other day//   

       oh? do tell :)
theircompetitor, May 25 2016


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