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Auto-Dialing Pagers

Pagers that place calls for you.
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When you check your pages, and want to call someone, the pager could dial the number for you. All you have to do is find the page, and hit "dial" on the pager. You would hold the pager near the handset on the telephone, and the pager would make the tones appropriate to dial the number selected. Such a technology would be extremely easy to implement into a pager. Really isn't a huge deal, but a nify feature.


Rico419, Jul 06 2001

...but baked! http://www.technostores.com/wirelink/
'This function can be used after a page has been received. It will allow the pager to dial out the phone number automatically through a telephone speaker. You will press the function button and place the pager against the telephone speaker and the phone number will automatically be dialed ' Sorry. [angel, Jul 06 2001]


       Yes, good idea...
angel, Jul 06 2001


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