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Auto AC off

when car windows are down
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if the car windows are down for more than 30sec, the AC (if on) should get off automatically.

I sometimes forget to switch off AC after rolling down the windows completely. Wind blowing in from outside takes out the AC effect. So till I (accidentally) see that small LED on AC button glowing, I would not have realized that AC is on.

ravi kris334, Jul 15 2013


       Baked by VW. My mom's new Passat does this (I think it's a trim option) as well a dozen or so other handy functions designed to thwart common forgetfulness, like rolling down a window 1cm if the doors are locked but the electronic key fob is inside the vehicle, turning the stereo down to a non-startling volume every time the engine is turned off, deactivating the turn indicators if you drive in a straight line for longer thatn .10mi, etc. I don't think it qualifies as WTKE, however.
Alterother, Jul 15 2013

       Only problem is that it can be desirable to have the AC on and a window open. If you open a rear window a bit, the cooler air from the AC can force the hotter air out, cooling the inside of the car more quickly.
MechE, Jul 15 2013

       What [MechE] said. Also, sometimes the duct-work is very hot, so when the A/C is first turned on, the air comming out of the vents is hotter than the air outside. It's nice to have the windows open for a minute or two.   

       Some "smart" features are nice, but be sure to think them through fully and have an easy method to deactivate the feature.
scad mientist, Jul 15 2013

       I agree, I like to leave the AC on with the windows down sometimes. However, based on what Alter said VW deserves a bun!
DIYMatt, Jul 15 2013

       What [scad] said. I often open the windows as A/C starts, just because what first comes out is hot and funky-smelling.
baconbrain, Jul 15 2013

       Mom got one of those mean-looking sporty Passats and she kind of went King Midas with the options, so she has a car that thinks of everything. We call it the Batmobile.   

       A little bit of button-pushing reveals that if you have the Batmobile's AC running and you open any of the windows andor the sunroof all the way it will wait about 15 seconds before turning off the AC but leaving the blowers running. If the AC is reactivated with the window still open it stays on.   

       Also, the sunroof closes itself if it starts raining and the reverse camera hiding under the trunk emblem pans back and forth to show you parking options.
Alterother, Jul 16 2013


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