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Autoclave Toilet

A toilet that sterilizes itself in a sealed stall.
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The stall itself would be an autoclave chamber. Close the door and then the stall would fill with pressurized steam.

The toilet appliance would have to beem made of stainless steel or some other heatproof material.

Of course, it could not be used until sufficiently cooled after a steam cycle.

livingstereo, Aug 22 2007


       (how does a toilet beem?)   

       More sterilization freaks trying to make us all into bubble-boys. A little invisible fecal residue from the last guy never bothered me one bit.
globaltourniquet, Aug 23 2007

       //Of course, it could not be used until sufficiently cooled after a steam cycle.// - And the bog roll would be a bit soggy.
Gordon Comstock, Aug 23 2007

       There is nothing worse than a warm toilet seat.
marklar, Aug 23 2007

       Huge energy expenditure for little added sterility over what a self-washing toilet(-seat) already does today. There are very few surfaces you actually come into any meaningful contact with, so disinfecting the whole room after every use is simply overzealous. Apart from that, if the guy preceeding you had misjudged his ballistics a little you still would have the colorful remainder of his error to be grossed out by, even though it would be sterile by then.
loonquawl, Aug 23 2007

       Agree with [Gordon] and [marklar]. Also, stainless steel toilet seat = yuck.
phundug, Aug 23 2007


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