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Disposable Doorknobs

Recyclable plastic door knobs that detach after the door is open. Designed for exit doors
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Benefit: Increase sanitation in public restrooms. Reduce unnecessary interpersonal contact in unsanitary environments.

Mechanism: Structure of the Disposable Doorknob and it's door mounted dispenser would resemble a water cup dispensor with a shorter stack and thinner cups

Use Case A: 1) Person enters public restroom, with assumption that her hands are dirty 2) She uses the toilet 3) She washes her hands 4) As she exits the she pushes or pulls a plastic knob which detaches if pulled more than the weight of the door. 5) After the door opens she continues to pull the knob until it detaches then deposits it in a collector on the other side of the door.

cloud, Jan 16 2002


       I think the flaw here is assuming that people will take the effort to actually detach, and discard, the disposable doorknob. Especially if it is for the benefit of "the next person.
bristolz, Jan 16 2002

       The most of the problem with the sanitary is when one is exiting from the cabinet. So lets make the door opening ooutside so only a pusher is needed with a simple mechanism... By this way production possibilities may increse, smaller knobs, can also be made out of paper. etc... and it won't be ever needed attached to the door... since (as bristolz points) not everyone have the will to detach it...   

       A powered sliding door working by the signal from an optical sensor activated with the wave of a hand could be more environmentally friendly.
Aykam, May 15 2002

       Make the door open outwards, cover all but the lowest foot in shards of glass / scalpel blades. Thus you are forced to kick the door open with your foot.
Saveloy, May 15 2002

       Heh heh - fun to slam in the face of the annoying goit who pees all over the floor...
yamahito, May 15 2002

       www.wakmah.co.uk has a wakmah that dos this in bucket loads
wakmah, Jun 16 2004


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