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Automated Blood-Test Kiosk

For detecting common STD's before a one-night-stand
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It seems to me that a major reason sexually transmitted diseases get transmitted is because of the inconvenience and perhaps embarrassment associated with getting a blood test (where a live human might ruin your reputation via exposure of unhappy facts, despite supposedly trustworthy doctor/patient confidentiality).

Well, these days the tests are getting sophisticated enough that many tests can be done simultaneously in an automated way. And robotic tech can do actual surgeries. Which means it should be possible to build a kiosk that can obtain a blood sample and test it, entirely anonymously. Thorough sterilization of relevant re-usable parts should also be built into it, of course.

The more common such kiosks become, and the more that people are seen to use them, the more likely no one would have a problem if asked to use one. And before a one- night stand, both parties should use one --each insisting on seeing the test-results of the other.

Vernon, Nov 23 2017


       Actually, this is not a bad idea, and not just for STDs. Many diseases can be detected from a drop of blood.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 23 2017

       It would have to be quite tough as there would be quite a big incentive for someone who knows he or she is infected to quietly sabotage it when it’s their turn. “ oh damn, guess we’re back to the good old days” . Plus a lot of naughty stop-outs carrying pure pristine blood of virgins
DDRopDeadly, Nov 23 2017

       And there’s going to be an unconscious tramp in there having endless blood tests
DDRopDeadly, Nov 23 2017

       I wonder whether the kiosk itself might unintentionally spread diseases; I mean, it's unstaffed, its users will often be drunk or otherwise not-concentrating, so you'd have to wonder about the rigour of the hygiene procedures.
pertinax, Nov 23 2017

       Sterile, disposable lancets for diabetic blood sugar tests are Baked and WKTE. A disposabe sterile module - plastic tube with integrated lancet mechanism and blood sampler - could be rotated into position by a mechanism like a revolver cylinder.   

       Make payment. When shutter opens, insert chosen digit in aperture. Press OK button. Experience brief, sharp pain in finger. Wait. When told to do so, remove finger.   

       Blood sample is flushed from sampler "cartridge", used cartridge ejected into medical waste bag for incineration.   

       The downside of machines like this is that if the payment is made by a traceable means i.e. credit card, then the untrustworthy and unscrupulous (usually government, but possibly also more free-enterprise criminals) could take the opportunity to collect a DNA profile from the sample.
8th of 7, Nov 23 2017

       Ozone and ultraviolet light can be produced using ordinary electric power, and qualify as sterilization agents. I think it is possible that the only thing the kiosk really needs to be restocked with are test-substances, for reacting with the unacceptable biological entities that are supposed to be detected by the kiosk.
Vernon, Nov 27 2017


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