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Automated MP3 search & retrieval

Downloads MP3 files automatically based on a user's wish list.
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I figure that as high speed permanant Internet connections become more common, the more potential there is for applications that utilise the excess bandwidth.

Currently, if somebody wishes to download some MP3 files, they log in to Napster, Gnutella, IRC or similar, find a file and then download it. Then they repeat the task each time they want to downlaod a file. Time wasting isn't it?

Well how about an application that runs in the background running down a list of desired files that are stored on disk. When Internet activity from other applications stops, it could fire up and start downloading tracks on the list. This way when you're not using the Internet, the MP3 application will be utilising the connection. However when you do need to use the Internet, it won't wast precious bandwidth.

I think the major problem that will arise is that it's not always easy to determine if an MP3 file on a remote machine is the same as the track that is desired. For example, one song can have different remixes, but I guess that getting files wrong every now and then isn't a huge hinderance.

Imagine this. At night, you write a huge list of music tracks that you want then go to bed. When you wake up in the morning you'll have them all on your Hard Drive!

I'd be grateful for any feedback. Especially problems that I've overlooked or a solution to the incorrect file problem that I've mentioned.

If there is enough support, I might even start writing it myself, and programmers/ interface designers are welcome to volunteer!

Don't forget: If you like this idea vote for it and if you don't vote against it!

This may well have already be done and any links to apps that do this will be appreciated.

zapped, Jul 05 2001

Take your pick. http://uk.google.ya...te%22&y=y&hc=0&hs=0
[angel, Jul 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

I would have picked this one. http://uk.google.ya...search%22&hc=0&hs=0
Ain't Yahoo amazing? [angel, Jul 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

something similar http://www.halfbake...dea/Managed_20Music
would be cool for the lazy [last_minute_fan, Jul 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I apologise if my idea sounded like a request. Despite searching for a product that matches my idea, I didn't find one that quite cuts the mustard.   

       From what you say, I don't believe that Audio Galaxy Satellite is appropriate. As you say, it doesn't automate the searching, which is a key part of my idea.   

       Also, you don't say how well automated Satellite is. Can it limit bandwidth usage? Can you leave it running in the background with a list of 100+ files without worrying about it taking up bandwidth, and yet leave your desk and let it take over automatically without any manual intervention (as an automated system would do)?
zapped, Jul 05 2001

       I'm already working on that :-) I'll post my comments once it has undergone rigerous testing!
zapped, Jul 05 2001

       Well I [sort of] like the idea.   

       What I'd like more though, would be a program that randomly downloads songs based on some rating-system.   

       E.g. you sign up for a set of groups (or genres maybe), and other users (and youself ofcourse) rate artists and/or songs/CDs. Based on this information, your client would automatically find music for you, and present them whenever you get home from work. It would play entire song or portion of it (based on your settings), and if you didn't like it, delete it. If you did however, then add the artists to the "get this" list, and let the client software finish off a couple of CDs overnight.   

       In other words, my main problem is I never know what music I want. :-)   

       BTW; I might consider joining in as a programmer, the summer looks and feels like fall over here, so I don't have very much to do :-(
lazerlore, Jul 09 2001

       The e-marker from Sony allows you to record the name of the song playing on the radio. (Supposedly it doesn't work well, i.e. it only records the time, not the station playing) If you had some device similar to this, but automatically recorded the station, time, and location so that the song could be found automatically by a software database lookup. Combine this device with the automated download program described here, and you would hear a song you liked on the radio, and it would be waiting on your computer when you got home.   

       <sorry about the grammar>
MuddDog, Jul 09 2001

       There are many, many search utilities [Audio Galaxy being my favorite] but last week I needed to download a bunch of songs for pre-programmed playlists. I did not find a reliable auto downloader as described. As I searched/downloaded each on individually, I was thinking of a similar program but then got one step further… have the program be able to tell/recommend music.   

last_minute_fan, Sep 09 2001

       yeah. i want it integrated right into the music player, so you just right click on a song, and click "more music by this band!" and it will download it itself, or at least remind you later which bands to look up.
Skullhead, Dec 19 2002

       I understand that at least one P2P program allows for intermittent checking of song availability determined by the user. It then automatically downloads when it finds that song.
linguist, Dec 19 2002


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