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Automotive steering

Manually variable automotive steering
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After reading the responses to electronic variable automobile steering, I came away feeling that few computer racing enthusiasts have visited your web site.

I'm also amazed that auto builders haven't already jumped on the idea, after all it's been a main stay of computer simulations for years.

Before I go further, what I propose isn't the 'automatic' variable steering ratio that is already available on some automobiles, I'm only suggesting the option of a user selective ration and/or a feedback system used in many computer racing programs.

Racing cars in any simulation with precision demands changing the ratio and feedback to match the person's driving style, car, and track. Finding the correct

steering ratio does require some trial and error.

We all get used to what's offered for our everyday automobile, but it's hardly ever optimum for every situation. Most of us go through life without ever experiencing what its like to have a choice.

If I hadn't gotten 'hooked' on computer driving simulators several years ago, I'd no doubt still be completely unaware of what its like to have the choice of dialing in my own steering ratio and feed back.

From what I read, those who appose the idea probably haven't tried it. I'm aware that some might see this statement as inflammatory, but my suggestion is; try it, you might like it.

Remember when Oldsmobile came out with their automatic transmission? Wow! Half the population thought it wouldn't last and thousands of drivers would die because of it. So much for that, huh? I'm betting most of you out there can think up hundreds of other ideas that were given the thumbs down, right?

Electronic, manually variable power steering could be simple, cheap, and, yes, dependable. Certainly as dependable as what's been offered the last 80 years on our cars. (I won't go any further with that.)

I'd buy one in a heart beat if it were offered as a reasonably priced option on a reasonably priced car.

How about hearing from other 'drivers' out there? Who knows, maybe VW, Honda, or Toyota will take a chance and start a revolution?

BillS, May 26 2008




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