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Autorail,Personality Cards and colors

Can we all just swallow some of our pride and some Humility?
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It would take a lot, but if the police force and DMV and the cities / counties and States was all willing to lose some jobs and money we could have Auto Rails. Every RailCar would have a card reader and it could read the card to adjust the radio, temperature, your seat posistion, and the color of your RailCar, And maybe how the RailCar would look to some degree. If you used it for work that info could be sent straight to the IRS and you would get a refund for your travel time. Type in your address and relax until you get there. This would eliminate a LOT of problems. +No waiting for stop signs! +No fighting traffic! No Road Rage! ^_^ +No Worrying about crashing or running over Pedestrians or bikers. As long as they cross at the crosswalk. And even if you did crash you'd still be blameless. It was either the car's or there fault. +No crashes due to being drunk. +No crashes due to falling asleep. +No more traffic fines "I swear officier I didn't see that No Parking Sign." +No More trying to hunt your car down in the parking lot. Can call your car to you or have someone get your car for you/ depending on place you go to. Valet Service at Walmart...trendy. +No More worrying about mainting your vehicle. +No More worrying about Top Dogging the phliginerm's new BMW.

The only Minus I can think of is -Pay per month. -Government can follow your vehicle, but hey they can already do that on the newer models cause they have GPS built into them.

A compromise might be to only install it on at first to ease congestion {I HATE MERGING!} Interstates,Highways and freeways. and then bulid into the city slowly on the main roads. Heck they could be constructed in a L shaped manner on each side.then there would be a intiation of the grid by 20 different individuals w/o thier seperate keys and passwords to activate all of them of at the same time all over the country. and just redesign all the vehicles to interface with the rails but still have freedom to roam. Just imagine a highway with no speedlimits, everyone zooming along at a hearty 80MPH, singing to thier music, not having to think about traffic.

Dang I'm good.

Neutral thing I'm stuck on: in my fantasy world, this would cost GAZILLIONS of money! and what about the transporters and mobile House Movers and Boat Haulers and Motorcycle owners. HEH... I know! Dedicated lanes to Transporters with No speedlimits!Save for entering a city grid.

LightDemonCodeHunter, Dec 31 2004


       This has been done by railroad barons during the last century but you are definitely thinking about a leading edge issue.
mensmaximus, Dec 31 2004


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