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Auxiliary Locker

Secure storage for after-swim necessities
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At my local public swimming pool, I would like to see Auxiliary Lockers located adjacent to the showers. The locker would be large enough to hold one or two towels, plus shampoo and/or conditioner. The Auxiliary Locker would be labeled with the same number as my main locker (which holds my clothes), and the same key would work in both. This would facilitate convenient, secure storage for after-swim necessities.

An Auxiliary Locker would prevent the inevitable back-and-forth visits to the main locker, and the associated dripping of water in the changing area. Having access to one's towel directly after showering would promote the distinction between a "wet zone" and "dry zone" in the changing area, and would help avoid wet pant cuffs, and damp socks. Parents of young children especially appreciate orderly wetness management, and thus much "change room trauma" would become unnecessary.

xrayTed, Mar 31 2002


       I'm not interested in things that require me to be nude around people I'm not sleeping with, so it would be no use to me, but it's a good idea anyway...
StarChaser, Mar 31 2002

       [PeterSealy], are you truly worried about someone stealing your shampoo?
xrayTed, Apr 01 2002

       Solve that problem, SC. Sleep with them all.
waugsqueke, Apr 01 2002

       I like the distinction of "a 'wet zone' and 'dry zone'" between a pool area and shower area. Afraid you'll get wet; or dry?
phoenix, Apr 01 2002

       I once went to a pool that had a 'drying-off area' just as you left the showers. Good idea, but if you left your towel in your locker (in the 'already dry zone') you would drip water all the way there, get your towel and then, I guess, go back to the drying-off area...

       "Wetness management" generally applies to the floors. A properly designed changeroom should have 'zones' where the floor becomes progressively drier as you near the exit.

       PeterSealy, I'm afraid you may have misinterpreted my concept of "wetness management". Make no mistake, the changebooths have no "glory-holes".
xrayTed, Apr 02 2002

       this is a great idea, but telling my local swimming baths would be akin to explaining Newtonian physics to a caveman. A place where getting your towel out after a swim typically involves a 100m march to the reception desk, to tell them that the lock has jammed. again. London swimming pools are either in expensive sports clubs, tiny & full. or in council "leisure" centres, cold, dirty & broken. Sometimes the Thames looks almost inviting..
mymus, Apr 02 2002


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