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Build Avatars with library routines in java/c++
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A specialist Class encapsulating all of the components needed for a general purpose Avatar. ie 3D model animation, facial animation, skeletal animation, voice recognition etc Similar to a graphics library but more specific. Useful for prototyping and testing applications for deaf people etc
liquidus, Nov 18 2001

Wikipedia: Avatar (computing) https://en.wikipedi.../Avatar_(computing)
A user's alter ego online. [jutta, Sep 02 2019]


       Specifying facial and skeletal animation using Java or C++ would be far nastier than using the wide range of existing animation tools (like Character Studio/3D Studio Max, Poser) that offer graphical interfaces, motion capture support, etc.
pottedstu, Nov 19 2001

       Pardon my ignorance but - avatar? What means such?
angel, Nov 19 2001


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