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Averaged Group Grades

Individual grades based on group achievement
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OK, i just thought of this coz i decided to ditch psych again. before i fully made that decision, i called up my friend and asked him if we were working on the group project in class today. he said we would be doing notes.

i'm thinking, if all of our grades, test scores and such, influenced the grades of our friends, we would be more inclined to study harder. i mean, i'm just shooting for a 2.5, but my friend wants a 3.5.

if my absenteeism was going to hurt him, i would show up to class and study and all that.

underground_uproar, Nov 13 2006

Australian Slang Dictionary http://www.prd.com....onal/dictionary.asp
'How are you, you bastard?' (friendly)
'He's not a bad bastard.' (good)
'He's a poor (unfortunate) bastard.'
'He's a bad bastard.' (bad) [angel, Nov 14 2006]


       you've invented altruism.
po, Nov 13 2006

       You smoked what?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 14 2006

       You.... unmotivated bastard. <I'm an aussie, so I can say that without genuinely trying to cause offense>   

       Perhaps if we had a really competitive market such as they have in less fortunate countries, you would see that there are real consequences for low achievement in your course.   

       In an ideal situation, your incentive would be that your mate with his 3.5 average gets the good job, higher pay and benefits, whilst you get to serve up french fries with the rest of the underachievers. This isn't a personal attack, I'm not calling you an underachiever, I did my share of procrastination at uni. But having spoken with other people from different nations, I can't help but think it unfair that my half arsed efforts have scored me a good job, whilst someone from another country (india) who worked his arse off, and is genuinely more talented than I, had to wait years for a decent job, and even now, has just managed to work up to a position where he can work for me, having only a few years experience. <takes a ragged breath because that was a big sentence>   

       In summary, your incentive should be that you don't get a job if you don't go to class.
Custardguts, Nov 14 2006

       I like it.   

       It reminds me of the army, where there is limited individual punishment. Instead, if you stuff up, your whole platoon gets punished. It's surprisingly effective.   

       On the upside, it encourages you to help out the weaker memebers in the platoon, and to behave like a team.   

       On the downside, it leads to retribution against individuals and 'groupthink'.
xaviergisz, Nov 14 2006

       This is flawed. If I want a 3.5, and I saw you wanting a 2.5, I would study less. We would meet at 3, or probably closer to zero.
daseva, Nov 14 2006

       If you hate all of your class-mates, you slack off and *they* get punished? Are you nuts?
angel, Nov 14 2006

       What [xaviergisz] and [angel] said.
zen_tom, Nov 14 2006

       Custardguts: why can you call people Bastards just because your an aussie? I'm an aussie and I don't call people bastards
Mind_Boggle, Nov 14 2006

       'Bastard' isn't an insult in Oz; I've heard Aussies say that someone is 'not a bad bastard', meaning he's a pretty OK guy.
angel, Nov 14 2006

       Having lived in Australia all my life I have not once heard anyone say "he's not a bad bastard". I have heard someone say "god you're a bastard" but it was not intended to be a compliment   

       But this is all beside the point, instead of making your friend do the work help out with the assignment you lazy bastard....and i don't mean that in a nice way
Mind_Boggle, Nov 14 2006

       The assumption here is that everyone is equally talented and that the only differentiating factor is effort. This system would hurt those who are actually more intelligent and aid those who are less so.   

       Welcome to the HB [u_u]. Better luck next time.
hidden truths, Nov 14 2006

       I wonder if you're over-reacting just a little there, [21Q]. Anyhow, [Mind_Boggle], you got me wondering whether I'd been imagining things, but see (linky). Maybe it's regional, and you're from a different one. And I agree with your assessment of this idea.
angel, Nov 14 2006

       temper temper 21 Quest. I think it is you who needs to get out more and get a life, you're taking this site a tad to seriously. Perhaps it was the military that made you a psycho, who knows. Its hard being a prick when you do infact know everything   

       And thankyou Angel, i'm glad you agree with my assesment :)
Mind_Boggle, Nov 14 2006

       I thought this was about group grades not bastards.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 16 2006

       I read a suggestion that the total exam score that a class achieved should be divided equally among the students, thus ensuring that no individual would be disadvantaged by not working. It was intended as a satire on Socialism; I never suspected that anyone would take it seriously.
angel, Nov 16 2006

       Yes, agreed, group assessment just plain doesn't work fairly. It doesn't seem to make people who would slack off work harder, because in our uni courses, some of which consist of hundreds of students, most people really don't care about the grades of everyone else (most of whom in the first few years at least you don't even really know) and there is limited individual accountability in place. For this to work on such a large scale lecturers would have to publicly announce who was doing badly or slacking off and bringing everyone down. However hidden truths is right, some people just aren't as clever as others, its a fact of life, so those who really were trying but still not doing well would get unfairly treated.
cetacean, Nov 16 2006

       Some people are clever, but they just don't give a damn. Just saying..
daseva, Nov 16 2006

       I hate group projects.
Zimmy, Nov 16 2006

       //I've heard of some schools where they "grade on a curve", basically, the grades are based on collective results.//   

       This is true - some of my teachers did this.   

       Mind_Boggle, 21Q is right about insults being used affectionetely. I have lived everywhere in the US, and I hear stuff like "He's a lucky bastard" used all the time as a compliment.   

       //temper temper 21 Quest. I think it is you who needs to get out more and get a life, you're taking this site a tad to seriously. Perhaps it was the military that made you a psycho, who knows. Its hard being a prick when you do infact know everything//   

       This is called 'provoking' someone. Being smug and insulting as a whole, without being specifically insulting. I really don't think that doing so is a good idea.
DesertFox, Nov 17 2006


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